Butterfly Ball


Review: A fresh floral rose scent that is beautiful. A smaller bath bomb for Lush, but what beautiful colors; dark pink, light pink, with tiny tifts of blue and purple flower petals poking out.

It’s a bit more powdery scented and a tad sweeter than other heavier Lush floral combinations. This leaves it’s pretty scent on the skin for a good amount of time which I love. My husband said “you smell good”.

I’m trying to what other Lush products this Butterfly ball smells like in order to help describe the scent….I would say if Absolute Delight ballistic, a Softy ballistic, Irresistable Bliss shampoo , Lush “Hard” shampoo, and a Chelsea Gardens had a baby it would smell like Butterfly ball. Absolutely Lovely.

Absolutely girlie, a fresh rose smell, a powdery, fresh Spring quality and you’ve got Butterfly Ball scent.

This bath bomb had me from the gorgeous honeysuckle scent alone, but in addition Butterfly Ball makes beautiful medium pink water color, with bits of blue and purple flowers, and two pretty butterflies to sift through the water and play with.

Even though it’s small I give 4.5 stars to this bath bomb.