Fox in the Flowers

Vegan $5.75 6.3oz

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Roman Chamomile Flower, Rosebuds, Blue Mallow Flowers, Lime Tree Flowers , Lavender Absolute , Nettle Absolute , Lavendin Absolute ), Chlorophyllin.


Review: The Fox smells like grass when you smell it dry. Once it’s in the tub, it’s green smelling and fresh with a lovely pale green water color. The deep reddish-pink flower buds also help to make it look like a fairy bath.  Some people thought it was boring and didn’t like all the brown flower bits in the water, that’s probably because it wasn’t fresh.    I think alot of my pining is because Lush discontinued this so quickly I only got a chance to try two. I would love to try a fresh one again.

Luckily the lush Kitchen online made this in 2014 and 2015.

When it was originally sold some people thought this ballistic was just “meh”.   I believe it was a case where the other ballistics that were sold at the same time as this one just were more colorful with more “wow” factor. I think the Fox kind of got lost in the background and didn’t get a fair shot.





Lush times 2005 description: It’s been a while since we launched a flowery Ballistic so it was high time for a new one, however, the Fox in the Flowers does not have what you’d call a typical floral scent. It’s more like a meadow with grass growing knee high and wild flowers towering above it, or possibly the smell of a very smart florist’s shop. There is much greenery in this scent; much of it comes from the chlorophyll in it, the stuff which makes leaves green. A Fox in the Flowers bath smells green like cut grass, wild flowers, and woodlands. Take one to your bath when you want to feel like Maid Marion washing in a shady pool ready for Robin to get back from a hard day’s wealth redistribution.

Here’s a demo video i made of Fox in the Flowers

Butterfly Ball


Review: A fresh floral rose scent that is beautiful. A smaller bath bomb for Lush, but what beautiful colors; dark pink, light pink, with tiny tifts of blue and purple flower petals poking out.

It’s a bit more powdery scented and a tad sweeter than other heavier Lush floral combinations. This leaves it’s pretty scent on the skin for a good amount of time which I love. My husband said “you smell good”.

I’m trying to what other Lush products this Butterfly ball smells like in order to help describe the scent….I would say if Absolute Delight ballistic, a Softy ballistic, Irresistable Bliss shampoo , Lush “Hard” shampoo, and a Chelsea Gardens had a baby it would smell like Butterfly ball. Absolutely Lovely.

Absolutely girlie, a fresh rose smell, a powdery, fresh Spring quality and you’ve got Butterfly Ball scent.

This bath bomb had me from the gorgeous honeysuckle scent alone, but in addition Butterfly Ball makes beautiful medium pink water color, with bits of blue and purple flowers, and two pretty butterflies to sift through the water and play with.

Even though it’s small I give 4.5 stars to this bath bomb.





Ylang Song

4.5 out of 5 rating

See my demo video of this close up in the tub.

A Lush Ltd employee contacted me the other day and asked of i had tried this bomb. They said they had a feeling i would like this one. So i looked for one and bought one from Ebay.

Lush says: “Tunisian neroli, Peruvian Rosewood erupt into a sensual world tumbling peony petals.”

And after using it;  Yes this does remind me of an old school lush bath bomb because of the flowers.

This bomb reminds me very much of a Monet painting, perhaps the coloring in the painting “water lillies”.  When the bomb finished dissolving, what’s left looks like a painting; a beautiful spring green background with purple petals strewn about. Oh my. And the smell is very nice in my opinion. It’s floral, woody, fruity. But it all blends together do beautifully. Like bathing in a fairy glade.

The gorgeous ingredients are: Ylang ghana oil, neroli, rosewood, rose oil, peony petals, yellow rose petals, and purple everlasting flower.

I became 6 years old once again. I played with the flowers, arranging them on the side of the tub and gazing at the beautiful colored petals.

Here’s a link to a youtube video i made of the Ylang Song in the tub.


Flowering Tea bubble bar

This is a bit heavier than it looks. What a cute idea, dunk the tea bag in the tub for loads of lovely jasmine scented bubbles.  it contains tiny blue flower petals, which begin to float around the water.  And there is also a pretty white shimmer that lush adds to this one.  I thought this might be herbier than it is.  I didn’t expect such a pretty floral.


Here is a photo i took of this gorgeous bubble bar.  And the video is below this photo.