Ickle Baby Devil

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lavender Oil (Lavendula hybrida), Sandalwood Oil (Santalum album), Chamomile Oil (Anthemis nobilis), Perfume, Colour 61585, Colour 18050.

This is a smaller bath bomb, for children. It has the same scent as the current tickle baby bot bath bomb that Lush sells now in stores. I once bought 30 of these at a time because i liked the scent so much; sandalwood, lavender, chamomile. I used these in my kids baths when they were little.


There’s an Ickle Baby Angel tooLushIckleBabyDevil

Happy 4 SAD

January 2022

$9.95 8.4oz (in 2004)

Review: It’s a deep purple colored gel, that smells like cheerful and yummy, fresh, peeled oranges with a fresh whiff of dove orchid. Fab. I LOVE that crazy ultraviolet color.

Lush Times 2004 description: Sad bunnies in the northern hemisphere will need this most in January, February and March whilst misery kittens in the southern hemisphere will want it in July, August and September. Lack of sunshine can make us all feel a bit down in the dumps so at Lush central we’ve done our best to bottle it. Happy for SAD is an ‘ultra-violet’ shower gel (it’s very purple!) scented with a bunch of the cheery, stimulating essential oils. We have rose to restore happy feelings, uplifting, refreshing mandarin and a drop or two of the wonderful neroli, said to relieve tension and stress and give a feeling of euphoria to all who smell it. Whenever you feel the dull, dark days and long nights getting you down, get up with Happy for SAD.

Here’s a demo video i made of this shower gel

This Lush bath bomb, Shut Up and Get Over It’ was made in the same scent.

Happy soap


Ingredients: Sweet Orange Oil , Tangerine Oil ,   Propylene Glycol, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Stearate, Perfume, Glycerine, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Editronate, *Limonene, Hydroxycitronellol, FD&C Yellow No. 5, Gardenia Extract , D&C Red No. 27, D&C Red No. 33, FD&C Red No. 4, FD&C Blue No. 1,

Review: Happy soap is a lovely yellow and green soap with happy faces on the top of the big slab. It’s a medium-strong orangey scent. Orange and tangerine being very uplifting.

Notes: This goes well with the following orangey lush products: “Happy pill” ballistic, and Karma scented item, “You’ve Been Mangoed” bath melt, “The Olive Branch” shower gel, “Each Peach” massage bar, and Therapy massage bar.

Lush Times 2006 description: Happy Soap is a translucent orange soap decorated with smileys. Happy soap is toning for your skin and cheering for your mind. When your happy friends are around let them use it too. The world can do with a good dose of happiness.

Aqua Mirabilis body butter scrub bar


 3 out of 5 rating



Ingredients: Cocoa Butter , Almond Butter ,
Ground Almond Shells, Sandalwood Oil, Rose Absolute, Perfume

This is a square, solid cocoa butter with ground almond shells for exfoliation.  It has a rose, almond, sandalwood scent.  I like it.  I buy one every now and then.

How to use:  You take a shower with soap or shower gel as usual, then after rinsing, rub this (not too hard) on your skin all over, and then rinse off in warm/hot water.  That’s it!

Lush 2005 descrption: The Aqua Mirabilis is now even more of a miracle. New, improved Aqua Mirabilis is BIGGER! Hooray! Now you can scrub generously all over and not worry about it running out before you reach your toes. If you ever treat yourself and get a scrub at a spa, the beauty therapists expect to exfoliate away huge swathes of dead skin. If you regularly give yourself an Aqua Mirabilis softening scrub, with its gently exfoliating ground almond shells, they are astonished to find that you’ve already got lovely, soft, fresh, healthy skin with hardly a dead grey cell there at all. The Aqua Mirabilis turns your bath or your shower into an instant, bargain body therapy. We make it with sandalwood and rose perfumes to soften your skin, cocoa butter and apricot kernel oil to moisturise it, plus natural ground almonds to scrub you even softer. You will feel fantastic after using one of these. Promise

Review: The original products called “Aqua Mirabilis Underwater Massage bar did triple duty; scrub, melt, massage, ballistic. It was very small and had apricot oil peach colored ballistic ‘crust’ which would fizz in the bath, and some sprinkles of marigold flowers on the top and also had marigold flowers mixed up in the coco butter inner layer. And it smelled of real roses and sandalwood. I like the original MUCH better.  Suffice it to say it took a few years for me to be a fan of these body butter squares. I would suggest this Aqua Mirabilis scrub,  or the other square scrub called Buffy the Backside Slayer.  Aqua Mirabilis does make ones skin incredibley soft and smooth.

Though i cant forgive Lush for destroying my Preciousss…I do like these cocoa butter scrub squares much better than those harder, dome shaped sugar scrubs that Lush has made.

Here is what the original “Aqua Mirabilis Underwater Massage Bar looked like.


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Ice Blue shampoo



This is very minty.  It wakes you up in the morning to wash hair with this.  It smells nice and strongly of mint.  Lush made a soap called ‘Ice Blue; with the same minty smell.

Lush description:  How much mint can you take in one shampoo? How about an quick blast of spearmint and two different peppermints to perk you up from three directions at once. Mint stimulates your hair follicles and puts a bit of life back into your hair; it wakes up your brain too, so it’s a really excellent morning shampoo for everyone who’s a little bit reluctant to get up and running before noon. It’s brilliant for oily to normal hair that’s a bit flat, dull and dozy now and again. Ice Blue Shampoo was one of the Lush creative team’s first ever best selling, brilliant smelling products; we thought it was time to give it another go.

Ingredients: Water, Perfume, Lactic Acid, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Fine sea Salt,


This is a remake of one of my favorite soaps from the past.  I love licorice, and Bertie soap has a licorice smell i can’t resist.  Lush Christmas bubble bar called “Bar Humbug” was made with the same scent as “Bertie” soap.

Here’s a photo of what the giant in-store Bertie soap looks like.

By the way, Lush has made “Bertie” previously, many years ago, though the soap was red, yellow and black back then.

Here’s  my review of it back in 2004

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water (Aqua), Liquorice Root Infusion (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Sodium Stearate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Perfume, Sweet Fennel Oil (Foeniculum vulgare), Tarragon Oil (Artemisia dracunculus), Siberian Pine Oil (Pinus), Charcoal Powder, Sodium Chloride, Glycerine, Titanium Dioxide, Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Colour 18050. Vegan.

Review: If you like Licorice candy this is for you. It smells exactly like licorice candy. This is toning to the skin because of the liquorice root infusion. And the fennel goes well with the liquoirce root. This soap is a glycerine soap but for a glycerine soap is does have some nice, creamy lather.

Lush Times 2004 description: This isn’t really a soap, more like an ‘installation’. Mo wanted to make something which represented the event garde of the artistic soap-making world. We thought of calling it the Picassoap but then we thought of the potential law suits and decided again. Instead we named it after Mark’s and Mo’s son who invented its perfume. They call him Bertie (after Wooster) because of his penchant for wearing silk dressing gowns. Bertois smells of detoxifying fennel – jolly handy after a night on the tiles, pine wihcdh helps to improve poor concentration, tarragon which banishes apathy and boredom and liquorice which is said to help us resist exhaustian. If you were looking for a gentleman’s soap, you find that Bertie would very much suit the elegant chap around town.

Here are a few pieces of the new Bertie soap i have from Oxford Street.

Christmas 2015

10-30-15  I’ve uploaded Stardust  bath bomb today


Lush Holiday 2015

Here’s a video i made of my first order which came today (October 8) 🙂

products, photos, cost, description info, etc.

Many popular products from Lush previous Christmas seasons have returned. Our favorite Christmas products like Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Candy Mountain, Dashing Santa, Shoot for the Stars, Celebrate, Golden Wonder and of course Lord of Misrule.  Lord of misrule is more of a Halloween bath bomb, but Lush will be selling three products for ‘pre-Christmas with the lord of misrule scent.

‘Magic Wand’ bubble bar is a pink star on a wand and has the ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel fragrance.  Fairy Dust powder is new this year and also shares the ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel fragrance,

There are 2 products this Christmas with the same name “The Magic of Christmas’.  One is a wand style bubble bar, and one is a Fun bar.  They don’t smell alike. 🙂

Also, there are 2 products this year “Snowman” one is a fun bar and one is a jelly.  They don’t have the same scent.

Reindeer Rock soap is back this year, still having it’s scent of “The Comforter’ but it has also changed color this year, becoming a beautiful deep purple, instead of the maroon color of last year’s Reindeer Rock.  If you love the scent of Lush ‘The Comforter’ products, you’ll love Reindeer Rock soap.

There are two new bath bombs this year; Yog Nog and Stardust.  Be advised, there is a previous lush bath bomb called Starudust, from a few years back, but the two look completely different.

There are 4 new bubble bars; Humbug, 5 gold rings, peeping santa, and the magic of christmas.

There’s a new jelly for Christmas with the “So White’ scent, called “Santa’s Belly.

And there’s a Jingle Spells (yay!) scented Fun bar called “Magic of Christmas’.

There’s also a “Christmas Eve’ scented Fun bar this Christmas called ‘Santa’.


I’ll be adding more videos as I use more. Enjoy and feel free to comment with any questions.

Click the names below which have hyperlinks, they will take you to it’s page here, with photos and videos.


Bath Bombs












dashing santa

father christmas





golden wonder






lord of misrule






luxury pud






shoot for the stars






snow angel





so white





star dust






yog nog






Bubble bars
5 gold rings








candy mountain


holly golightly


magic wand

peeping santa


sparkly pumpkin


The Magic of Christmas



FUN bars
santa $6.95






snowman $6.95






snakes and ladders $6.95

the magic of christmas $6.95







santa baby
santa’s lip scrub





fairy dust dusting powder
first snow dusting powder



celebrate body lotion



Facial cleansers

buche de noel facial cleansing roll
cranberry festive mask $6.95



santa’s belly jelly $6.95

File Sep 22, 10 33 46 AM




Snowman jelly $6.95







Shower gels

lord of misrule shower cream

rose jam shower gel


snow fairy shower gel

snow fairy


Body scrubs, Body Conditioners & smoothies

Christingle body conditioner $24.95


salt and peppermint bark body scrub $12.95





the icing on the cake shower smoothie $12.95





Baked alaska soap 7.95

LushXmasPRevent - The Jam Jar Blog (4)


Old Father Time 7.95

File Oct 01, 11 35 17 AM
snowcake soap 7.95

reindeer rock 6.95
yog nog soap 6.95

File Sep 26, 3 52 29 PM



File Sep 22, 10 35 20 AM







Fox in the Flowers

Vegan $5.75 6.3oz

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Roman Chamomile Flower, Rosebuds, Blue Mallow Flowers, Lime Tree Flowers , Lavender Absolute , Nettle Absolute , Lavendin Absolute ), Chlorophyllin.


Review: The Fox smells like grass when you smell it dry. Once it’s in the tub, it’s green smelling and fresh with a lovely pale green water color. The deep reddish-pink flower buds also help to make it look like a fairy bath.  Some people thought it was boring and didn’t like all the brown flower bits in the water, that’s probably because it wasn’t fresh.    I think alot of my pining is because Lush discontinued this so quickly I only got a chance to try two. I would love to try a fresh one again.

Luckily the lush Kitchen online made this in 2014 and 2015.

When it was originally sold some people thought this ballistic was just “meh”.   I believe it was a case where the other ballistics that were sold at the same time as this one just were more colorful with more “wow” factor. I think the Fox kind of got lost in the background and didn’t get a fair shot.





Lush times 2005 description: It’s been a while since we launched a flowery Ballistic so it was high time for a new one, however, the Fox in the Flowers does not have what you’d call a typical floral scent. It’s more like a meadow with grass growing knee high and wild flowers towering above it, or possibly the smell of a very smart florist’s shop. There is much greenery in this scent; much of it comes from the chlorophyll in it, the stuff which makes leaves green. A Fox in the Flowers bath smells green like cut grass, wild flowers, and woodlands. Take one to your bath when you want to feel like Maid Marion washing in a shady pool ready for Robin to get back from a hard day’s wealth redistribution.

Here’s a demo video i made of Fox in the Flowers


Lush Times 2005 description: Potion smells of roses and tangerines but mostly of carnations. We’ve been asked to bottle the scent and sell it as a perfume but until that happens, the best way to smell of Potion is to smooth this wonderful lotion all over your body. This has the added advantage of moisturizing your skin with a light touch of almond oil and cocoa butter, softening it with rose petal infusion and toning it with fresh tangerine. Take it on holiday as an after sun too.

Scent family includes Santa Monica bath bomb, Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar, Potion perfume Holiday bubble bar, and “Oops Almond Kisses’ moisturizer.


Review: Potion is lighter and the carnations smell kind of spicy like cloves and then there’s the addition of the tangerine and is one of the sexiest summer scents. I advise you to find some. Carnation is great.


Ingredients: Rose Petal Infusion (Rosa centifolia), Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Fresh Tangerines (Citrus reticulata), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Carnation Absolute (Dianthus carophyllus), Tangerine Oil (Citrus reticulata), Cetearyl Alcohol, Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.



Ghost jelly

5 out of 5 ratingLush Times Xmas 2008: Helen Ambrosen’s new favourite thing is to make Shower Jellies in individual moulds, as well as huge wobbly ones. Like our big blocks of Shower Jellies, you can put the individual ones in the fridge or the freezer to give yourself a shock in the shower. Lovely and cooling for hot days, and cheaper than a plunge pool. Ghost unfolds into a shape-shifting ethereal blob, looking a but like Munich’s painting, The Scream. Despite his slightly scary appearance, he softens and calms your skin as he gets you clean. You can either slap him all over your body to make a lather, or detach a little chunk of him and rub it fast and firmly between your hands for a creamy froth. You can use him to wash your hair because his seaweed gel is really good for turning tangles into luscious locks. Wash all over and just like Mr. Ghostie, you’ll be wafting scents of lilies, jasmine and ylang around after you all day. Grab him now before he drifts away…



Ingredients: Glycerine, Fresh Dove Orchid, Perfume, Carrageenan Extract, Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, Neroli

Ghost is a floral fragrance made with dove orchid, lilies, and other flowers. The fragrance stays on the skin awhile which is good.

The jelly is so cute in the shape of a ghost. You have to turn ithe whole jelly over when you take it out to see it.

My Scent Family photo (without ‘Lucky Cat’ bubble bar)


Here’s a video i did of this  jelly, it’s in the last two minutes

Bon Bain Bonnard

Review: A very pretty ballistic, it’s white with pastel pink, blue and yellow soap confetti and yellow, pink, blue salt crystals in the outter middle of it. It’s powdery and floral and slightly perfumey. The smell is similar to “Sakura” ballistic but with a strange undertone to my nose that keeps this from being stellar to me. Bon Bain Bonnard was fairly popular. The other three “Artist” ballistics that Lush has made are “Monet’s Garden” and “Kiss Me Klimt” and “Still Life“.

Ingredients: Bicarb, Citric Acid, Coarse Atlantic Sea Salt, Rose Oil, Perfume, Orange Oil, Crocin, Colorform Turquoise, Colorform Crimson.

Lush Times 2002 description: This is the Artistic Bath Bomb, named after Bonnard, influenced by his paintings of the nudes in the bath and inspired by his work ‘White Interior’. Arguably one of the best smelling bath bombs. The sea salt will make your body feel new, and the orange blossoms will do the same for your mind. A bomb for everyone in search of inspiration.

All That Jas

2006 LT description: All That Jasmine is a shamelessly sexy bath bomb disguised as an innocuous pastel green colored ball with an innocent, little sugar flower on top but once it hits the water it starts to work its wicked ways.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Styrax Resinoid (Storax), Vetivert Oil (Vetiveria zizanoides), Candy Flowers, Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), FD&C Blue No. 1, Jasmine Oil (Jasminum officinale), Vanillin.

Review: Only available in Lush North America, the UK Lush Kitchen remade this for one day only.  I always loved this one as it has lovely jasmine, but with the additional of vanilla.  Historically there was’t any jasmine blends with anything other than vetivert, so the vanilla is a lovely smooth companion for the jasmine in this bomb.  While All That Jas has no glitter as in Lush’s other Jasmine ballistic “Fairy Jasmine“, it has a gorgeous green color that you can’t find in any other Lush bath ballistic.

Here’s a short video i made for you to see what it looks like the bath. Be advised, the video has it twice, so you only have to watch half of the video.