Ickle Baby Devil

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lavender Oil (Lavendula hybrida), Sandalwood Oil (Santalum album), Chamomile Oil (Anthemis nobilis), Perfume, Colour 61585, Colour 18050.

This is a smaller bath bomb, for children. It has the same scent as the current tickle baby bot bath bomb that Lush sells now in stores. I once bought 30 of these at a time because i liked the scent so much; sandalwood, lavender, chamomile. I used these in my kids baths when they were little.


There’s an Ickle Baby Angel tooLushIckleBabyDevil

Happy 4 SAD

$9.95 8.4oz (in 2004)

Ingredients: Fresh Dove Orchid Infusion (Dendrobium), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis), Lauryl Betaine, Rock Salt (Sodium chloride), Neroli Oil (Citrus amara), Grapefruit Oil (Citrus grandis), Mandarin Oil (Citrus noblis), Rose Oxymel (Rosa centifolia), Cocamide DEA, Perfume, Colour 18050, Colour 61585, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Review: It’s a deep purple colored gel, that smells like cheerful and yummy, fresh, peeled oranges with a fresh whiff of dove orchid. Fab. I LOVE that crazy ultraviolet color.

Lush Times 2004 description: Sad bunnies in the northern hemisphere will need this most in January, February and March whilst misery kittens in the southern hemisphere will want it in July, August and September. Lack of sunshine can make us all feel a bit down in the dumps so at Lush central we’ve done our best to bottle it. Happy for SAD is an ‘ultra-violet’ shower gel (it’s very purple!) scented with a bunch of the cheery, stimulating essential oils. We have rose to restore happy feelings, uplifting, refreshing mandarin and a drop or two of the wonderful neroli, said to relieve tension and stress and give a feeling of euphoria to all who smell it. Whenever you feel the dull, dark days and long nights getting you down, get up with Happy for SAD.

Here’s a demo video i made of this shower gel

Happy soap


Ingredients: Sweet Orange Oil , Tangerine Oil ,   Propylene Glycol, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Stearate, Perfume, Glycerine, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Editronate, *Limonene, Hydroxycitronellol, FD&C Yellow No. 5, Gardenia Extract , D&C Red No. 27, D&C Red No. 33, FD&C Red No. 4, FD&C Blue No. 1,

Review: Happy soap is a lovely yellow and green soap with happy faces on the top of the big slab. It’s a medium-strong orangey scent. Orange and tangerine being very uplifting.

Notes: This goes well with the following orangey lush products: “Happy pill” ballistic, and Karma scented item, “You’ve Been Mangoed” bath melt, “The Olive Branch” shower gel, “Each Peach” massage bar, and Therapy massage bar.

Lush Times 2006 description: Happy Soap is a translucent orange soap decorated with smileys. Happy soap is toning for your skin and cheering for your mind. When your happy friends are around let them use it too. The world can do with a good dose of happiness.

Ice Blue shampoo



This is very minty.  It wakes you up in the morning to wash hair with this.  It smells nice and strongly of mint.  Lush made a soap called ‘Ice Blue; with the same minty smell.

Lush description:  How much mint can you take in one shampoo? How about an quick blast of spearmint and two different peppermints to perk you up from three directions at once. Mint stimulates your hair follicles and puts a bit of life back into your hair; it wakes up your brain too, so it’s a really excellent morning shampoo for everyone who’s a little bit reluctant to get up and running before noon. It’s brilliant for oily to normal hair that’s a bit flat, dull and dozy now and again. Ice Blue Shampoo was one of the Lush creative team’s first ever best selling, brilliant smelling products; we thought it was time to give it another go.

Ingredients: Water, Perfume, Lactic Acid, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Fine sea Salt,

Aqua Mirabilis body butter scrub bar





Ingredients: Cocoa Butter , Almond Butter ,
Ground Almond Shells, Sandalwood Oil, Rose Absolute, Perfume

This is a square, solid cocoa butter with ground almond shells for exfoliation.  It has a rose, almond, sandalwood scent.  I like it.  I buy one every now and then.

How to use:  You take a shower with soap or shower gel as usual, then after rinsing, rub this (not too hard) on your skin all over, and then rinse off in warm/hot water.  That’s it!

Lush 2005 descrption: The Aqua Mirabilis is now even more of a miracle. New, improved Aqua Mirabilis is BIGGER! Hooray! Now you can scrub generously all over and not worry about it running out before you reach your toes. If you ever treat yourself and get a scrub at a spa, the beauty therapists expect to exfoliate away huge swathes of dead skin. If you regularly give yourself an Aqua Mirabilis softening scrub, with its gently exfoliating ground almond shells, they are astonished to find that you’ve already got lovely, soft, fresh, healthy skin with hardly a dead grey cell there at all. The Aqua Mirabilis turns your bath or your shower into an instant, bargain body therapy. We make it with sandalwood and rose perfumes to soften your skin, cocoa butter and apricot kernel oil to moisturise it, plus natural ground almonds to scrub you even softer. You will feel fantastic after using one of these. Promise

Review: The original products called “Aqua Mirabilis Underwater Massage bar did triple duty; scrub, melt, massage, ballistic. It was very small and had apricot oil peach colored ballistic ‘crust’ which would fizz in the bath, and some sprinkles of marigold flowers on the top and also had marigold flowers mixed up in the coco butter inner layer. And it smelled of real roses and sandalwood. I like the original MUCH better.  Suffice it to say it took a few years for me to be a fan of these body butter squares. I would suggest this Aqua Mirabilis scrub,  or the other square scrub called Buffy the Backside Slayer.  Aqua Mirabilis does make ones skin incredibley soft and smooth.

Though i cant forgive Lush for destroying my Preciousss…I do like these cocoa butter scrub squares much better than those harder, dome shaped sugar scrubs that Lush has made.

Here is what the original “Aqua Mirabilis Underwater Massage Bar looked like.


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This is a remake of one of my favorite soaps from the past.  I love licorice, and Bertie soap has a licorice smell i can’t resist.  Lush Christmas bubble bar called “Bar Humbug” was made with the same scent as “Bertie” soap.

Here’s a photo of what the giant in-store Bertie soap looks like.

By the way, Lush has made “Bertie” previously, many years ago, though the soap was red, yellow and black back then.

Here’s  my review of it back in 2004

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water (Aqua), Liquorice Root Infusion (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Sodium Stearate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Perfume, Sweet Fennel Oil (Foeniculum vulgare), Tarragon Oil (Artemisia dracunculus), Siberian Pine Oil (Pinus), Charcoal Powder, Sodium Chloride, Glycerine, Titanium Dioxide, Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Colour 18050. Vegan.

Review: If you like Licorice candy this is for you. It smells exactly like licorice candy. This is toning to the skin because of the liquorice root infusion. And the fennel goes well with the liquoirce root. This soap is a glycerine soap but for a glycerine soap is does have some nice, creamy lather.

Lush Times 2004 description: This isn’t really a soap, more like an ‘installation’. Mo wanted to make something which represented the event garde of the artistic soap-making world. We thought of calling it the Picassoap but then we thought of the potential law suits and decided again. Instead we named it after Mark’s and Mo’s son who invented its perfume. They call him Bertie (after Wooster) because of his penchant for wearing silk dressing gowns. Bertois smells of detoxifying fennel – jolly handy after a night on the tiles, pine wihcdh helps to improve poor concentration, tarragon which banishes apathy and boredom and liquorice which is said to help us resist exhaustian. If you were looking for a gentleman’s soap, you find that Bertie would very much suit the elegant chap around town.

Here are a few pieces of the new Bertie soap i have from Oxford Street.