Stardust bath bomb 2015

4.5 out of 4.5 rating
See my video review below
Lush description:  Follow yonder star all the way to the bathroom; it will bear exotic gifts of Fair Trade Ugandan vanilla
from the Mountains of the Moon and precious rosewood from the depths of the Peruvian rainforest.
A twinkly dip in its starlit waters gives a bergamot-powered boost to the mind and body – ideal
for a little post-party recovery.
$5.25 US / £4.95 UK
White this bath bomb doesn’t lend fantastic colors in the tub, it makes a lovely white sparkle in the water.  The scent has vanilla but it’s not a ‘bakery-life’ vanilla scent.  It’s brightened up a bit with the addition of bergamot, and the rosewood keeps it grounded.  It’s more of a ‘pretty’ scent than a foody one to my nose.  I wouldn’t rush out and buy four more but i might buy one more to enjoy.

Here’s a video demo i made of the Stardust bath bomb

Five Gold Rings bubble bar 2015

5 out of 5 rating
See my video Tub demo that i made for you below
Note: There is also a ‘3 Gold Rings’ bubble bar that is totally different than this 5 gold rings. Different look, and different scent.
Crumble under running water for a creamy
Fair Trade vanilla filled bath, infused with
skin-softening illipe butter and nourishing
moringa oil.
It’s Yummy smelling but earthy at the same time. A most addictive scent to me. ❤️
I think that two rings would be perfect for one bath. One was good, but two would be more the size of a regular bubble bar.
Ingredients – Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Cornflour, Perfume, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid, Tonka Absolute, Gardenia Extract, Coumarin, Radiant Gold Lustre (Potassium Aluminium Silicate, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides), Gold Glimmer Luster
Here’s a video demo i made of the 5 Gold Rings

Christmas 2015

10-30-15  I’ve uploaded Stardust  bath bomb today


Lush Holiday 2015

Here’s a video i made of my first order which came today (October 8) 🙂

products, photos, cost, description info, etc.

Many popular products from Lush previous Christmas seasons have returned. Our favorite Christmas products like Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Candy Mountain, Dashing Santa, Shoot for the Stars, Celebrate, Golden Wonder and of course Lord of Misrule.  Lord of misrule is more of a Halloween bath bomb, but Lush will be selling three products for ‘pre-Christmas with the lord of misrule scent.

‘Magic Wand’ bubble bar is a pink star on a wand and has the ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel fragrance.  Fairy Dust powder is new this year and also shares the ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel fragrance,

There are 2 products this Christmas with the same name “The Magic of Christmas’.  One is a wand style bubble bar, and one is a Fun bar.  They don’t smell alike. 🙂

Also, there are 2 products this year “Snowman” one is a fun bar and one is a jelly.  They don’t have the same scent.

Reindeer Rock soap is back this year, still having it’s scent of “The Comforter’ but it has also changed color this year, becoming a beautiful deep purple, instead of the maroon color of last year’s Reindeer Rock.  If you love the scent of Lush ‘The Comforter’ products, you’ll love Reindeer Rock soap.

There are two new bath bombs this year; Yog Nog and Stardust.  Be advised, there is a previous lush bath bomb called Starudust, from a few years back, but the two look completely different.

There are 4 new bubble bars; Humbug, 5 gold rings, peeping santa, and the magic of christmas.

There’s a new jelly for Christmas with the “So White’ scent, called “Santa’s Belly.

And there’s a Jingle Spells (yay!) scented Fun bar called “Magic of Christmas’.

There’s also a “Christmas Eve’ scented Fun bar this Christmas called ‘Santa’.


I’ll be adding more videos as I use more. Enjoy and feel free to comment with any questions.

Click the names below which have hyperlinks, they will take you to it’s page here, with photos and videos.


Bath Bombs












dashing santa

father christmas





golden wonder






lord of misrule






luxury pud






shoot for the stars






snow angel





so white





star dust






yog nog






Bubble bars
5 gold rings








candy mountain


holly golightly


magic wand

peeping santa


sparkly pumpkin


The Magic of Christmas



FUN bars
santa $6.95






snowman $6.95






snakes and ladders $6.95

the magic of christmas $6.95







santa baby
santa’s lip scrub





fairy dust dusting powder
first snow dusting powder



celebrate body lotion



Facial cleansers

buche de noel facial cleansing roll
cranberry festive mask $6.95



santa’s belly jelly $6.95

File Sep 22, 10 33 46 AM




Snowman jelly $6.95







Shower gels

lord of misrule shower cream

rose jam shower gel


snow fairy shower gel

snow fairy


Body scrubs, Body Conditioners & smoothies

Christingle body conditioner $24.95


salt and peppermint bark body scrub $12.95





the icing on the cake shower smoothie $12.95





Baked alaska soap 7.95

LushXmasPRevent - The Jam Jar Blog (4)


Old Father Time 7.95

File Oct 01, 11 35 17 AM
snowcake soap 7.95

reindeer rock 6.95
yog nog soap 6.95

File Sep 26, 3 52 29 PM



File Sep 22, 10 35 20 AM







Celebrate lotion



Rich, citrussy lotion

One of our best-selling favorites, Celebrate has returned just in time for Christmas! This rich, creamy lotion deeply hydrates and softens with almond oil and cocoa butter, while an intoxicating blend of orange flower, lime, benzoin and cognac oil perfumes the skin with a champagne fragrance that lingers for hours. Indulge in this decadent cream before going out for the night or after a relaxing bath with our Golden Wonder Bath Bomb.

Other Lush products with this scent include: (I’ll have ALL of them entered into this blog in a few days.)

Champagne Snow Showers liquid perfume

Champagne solid perfume

Champagne Supernova

champagne Snow Showers shower gel

Celebrate Fun bar

Celebrate jelly

Celebrate shower gel

Celebrate liquid perfume

Celebrate solid perfume

Christmas Party bath bomb

First Snow dusting powder

Golden Wonder Christmas bath bomb

Snowshowers jelly

Supernova bath bomb

Here’s a video showing how the lotion looks, and how thick it is