Gay is OK (a gold Lush “Love” scented soap)

5 out of 5 rating


We are selling a soap and giving the profit away – we’ve made enough Love Soap to raise £250,000, if all the bars are sold! The money will be put into a fund to help LGBT organizations fighting for rights, equality and acceptance around the world. We want to attract applications from groups working in areas where anti-LGBT laws are harsh and extreme and where funding is in short supply.

Gay_is_ok_webThe Lush Kitchen will be making this soap once again Jan 24 2017.

The fragrance is a fruity floral scent. It has a sweet scent, initially smelling a bit like cinnamon and lemon. However there’s an apple-y note here as well. This fruity combo is combined with the heady florals of Rose and Jasmine. It’s very fragrant.
This is what the original 2005 Lush/B Never Love soap looked like.

Here is the Christmas 2007 version