Honey Bunch

LushHoneyBunch (1)

Honey Bunch was a heart shaped box gift that Lush made as an exclusive one year around 2003,4, or 5 i cant remember.

It has the scent of Honey I Washed the Kids. A nice toffee like scent.

All four different Lush Heart shaped boxes had different products tucked in the midde where it was hollowed out a bit.

Honey Bunch had a ‘Ma Bar’ bubble bar, a massage bar that i cant remember the name of right now, and a honey i washed the kids soap.

Other Heart shaped box gifts are ‘J Te’ aime, Kiss Chase, and My favorite heart shaped box the ‘Pink Caroline’ heart shaped bath bomb box. Ill have to add that to my blog here. I STILL have one from 2004 in perfect condition. Yes! Would you like me to take a short vid of it?

Years before these four were sold, Lush made an Icon bath bomb heart, a Flower Market heart bomb, and a Karma heart.

even the Easter giant AvoEgg. These were my favorite Lush gifts.

I bought all of the above except the Honey Bunch, and the Karma one.

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