Fizzy O Therapy

Video below:

Review: A spicy smaller ballistic at 95g, the size of butterball bath bomb.  Fizzy O has mustard seed and powdered mustard added and all the other warming spices (which accumulated on the bottom of the tub and were kind of scratchy).   This was DCd in 2002.

Ingredients: bicarb, citric acid, ginger powder, mustard powder, clove bud, perfume, cinnamon leaf oil, coriander oil.

Lush Times 2002 description: Have you overdone the physical a bit? Fizzy O’Therapy is the one for soothing the sore feet of marathon runners or marathon shoppers, easing the pulled muscles of footballers who’re old enough to know better, relaxing the shoulders after a long day at the word processor….It’s stuffed full of refreshing coriander, stimulating oils of clove and cinnamon plus hot mustard and ginger powder to ease your aching bodies and feet.