Deep Forest Atmosphere

3 out of 5 rating
Review: It smells smokey to me primarily, with a dark green forest or pine smell underneath. It is green and the color that it makes in the water is a medium yellow green color. Some of us Lush forum members created a thread called “The group Forest Atmosphere experiment” (or something close to that) inwhich we all decided to actually use our Deep Atmosphere bombs together. Some of us used it solo to really see what it smells like in the tub. Others creatively combined Deep Forest Atmosphere ballistic with some “Tramp” shower gel or a “Flower Tub” bubble bar or other lush products with a green scent. While this bath bomb wasn’t anything i’d like on a regular basis, it was something different, and kind of nice.

Lush ingredients: 90g £1.25 Contains: bicarb, citric acid, perfume, Siberian pine oil, oak moss absolute, cedar leaf distilled over orris root, tarragon oil, camomile oil, violet leaf absolute, crocin, colour 61585

Lush Times description: Take a trip to the virtual greenwood: those who live near enough to take a stroll through a real deep forest probably don’t need one of these; for the rest of us a deep forest bath refreshes your tired mind, banishes anxiety, calms and soothes. The Deep Forest is an aquired taste and well worth aquiring. City dwellers may need more than one.

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