Bug Splat 

5 out of 5

See my in water tub demo video below 🙂

Kind of sweet and incensed.

Sandalwood, black pepper, labdanum

This was made for Lush Anti U.S. Drone war campaign.



Notes: labdanum, sandalwood, galbanum, elemi, black pepper


“We are joining forces with Reprieve once again, in a campaign to raise public awareness about drone strikes” (from Lush UK website).

This is a limited edition bomb that has the fragrance of The Bug perfume and is available on the UK website and probably in some of their stores over there.

“Every penny you spend on the Bugsplat Ballistic, minus the VAT, will be given to Reprieve to help fund their campaign against drone strikes.”
“Unsettling and disjointed,   hits of galbanum, Sandalwood, an earthy base with a fresh green note of elemi punctuated with whispers of bitterness to keep you looking over your shoulder.”

Here’s a video i made of the Bug Splat bath bomb in the tub.  I LOVE those colors together.