Kisskin (Mumkin in Love) 

5 out of 5 rating.

See my tub demo video of this bubble bar below.

A cousin of ‘Mumkin’ and ‘Pumkin’ this pastel colored beauty was Made for Japan white day.  

This is pretty rare as far as Lush products go, in addition to Japan for a limited time this has only been made for one day, in the Uk, online only in the previous incarnation of the Lush Kitchen.

If and when this ever comes out again i’m definitely it rly getting at least one, because it’s so damn CUTE!

I’m so glad I can actually Use mine now since we’re getting a chance to buy new ones! 

Lush said this is the same scent as their ‘Mumkin’ bubble bar: bergamot, lemon and Violet.  Which is the same scent as their ‘Egg Hunt’ soap, which is the same as the ‘Razzle Dazzle’ bath oil and their ‘Cupid’ bath bomb. It’s a violet floral scent, that is only the slightest bit sweet, and has a fruity edge to it. Kind of a berryish type fruity.

Scent Family photo

Tub Demo Vid

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