Frozen bath bomb

There is also a 'Frozen' bubble bar, but they smell nothing alike and they look different.

OMG this Frozen bath bomb what a gorgeous bath bomb!  See my short video clip of it below. This shares its beautiful scent with Lush "Happy Happy Joy Joy" and a couple of other lush products.The scent is grapefruit, neroli, and rose.

 The scent is so beautiful that many Lushies asked Lush to make this into perfume, which Lush did available for one day only.

The blue water that this bomb makes is like NO other blue lush item.  I don’t think Lush has made any other product in this particular shade of blue.

Review: The fragrance of this bath bomb surprised me.  I thought because it was called “Frozen” it might be minty.  Instead this is a Gorgeous floral with citrus notes.  It has the lscent as Lush “Happy Happy Joy Joy” shampoo, “shine so bright”.  It has silver shimmer in the water which does leave an ever so light sheen on the skin after the bath. The water is an incredible bright sky blue color.

Lush description:  Let it go – This magical blend of uplifting grapefruit, tunisian neroli, rose oil.

See my video of this gorgeous bath bomb below.