Lush description Facebook Sept 2016

‘A citrusy chaos of brightening, Sicilian mandarin and orange flower absolute is being pressed into furiously-fizzy Satsuma bath bombs A-peeling aromas await…’

These Orange bath bombs are only going to be available in a couple of gift sets in stores in Uk and North America, Australia, Germany, etc. However, the online mail order website called sold them for one day only.  When i get mine i’ll add more photos and i’ll do a demo video and add it here as well. 


Lush description: Peel off your clothes and pile into a terrifically tangy bath with a generous squeeze of fresh satsuma juice. Mandarin oil, sourced from the sun-dappled groves of Sicily, rejuvenates your mind and shakes the spirits from any mid-Christmas lethargy. There’s no need to get hung up waiting for your Christmas stocking when you can find the same citrus refreshment in handy, fizzing form right here.


Here’s a demo and review i made of this bath bomb

List of ingredients