Man in the Moon

According to @lushiesoftheforest on Instagram this doesn’t have the Calacas scent as I originally suspected. She related to us on Instagram that It has the ‘Man in the Mushroom‘ face mask scent. 

Fantastically phantasmagoric and wonderfully weird, you don’t need a rocket to take a trip to the moon. Credits to lime and neroli oils for their outstanding contribution to lifting moods and chasing away the blues. Just crumble under running water and watch as the special effects of golden lustre swirl in the water as cocoa butter sets the scene for softer skin. Olibanum oil gives the final cut of a grounded and calm state of mind. It’s up, up and away in a rocket ship of citrus bliss.
Photo below courtesy of @squishieplushie on Instagram 🙂

I’ll be adding my photos and demos here as soon as some lovely folks are able to send me one.

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