Bubbly Naked solid shower gel 

This shower gel has the same fizzy grapefruit soda scent as Lush ‘Celebrate’ ‘Supernova’, ‘Bucks Fizz’, ‘Golden Wonder’, Champagne Snowshowers. I’ll probably add this info to my existing Bubbly liquid shower gel page too.

Photo courtesy of @squishieplushie on Instagram 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bubbly Naked solid shower gel 

  1. Wahhh, I’m posting everywhere but I can’t help myself!! This looks so awesome, looks like it would last a long time too!! This is a must have. Love the celebrate scent, one of the few citrus scents I enjoy!!

    • Apparently, it’s EXACTLY the same ingredients as a gel, with less water & slightly more of the softening butters & seaweed, which makes it more softening than the regular shower gel. It has the GEL base, not the SOAP base. Soap base will makes you more squeaky clean, whereas the gel base leaves you more conditioned.

      All the above according to Daniel Campbell, the inventor of these liquid SG’s. 😃👍

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