Lush American Cream scent family photo

American Cream is a vanilla based scent which also has clary sage, and lavender as its scent components.  The hair conditioner added strawberry.  The other American Cream products have strawberry in them…but….American Cream products do not smell like strawberry.  It’s made with strawberry, it’s not strawberry scented. And in the perfumery industry there IS a difference between those two sentences. :-)I like to make that clear, so that people won’t spend their hard earned money on something that they think will be strawberry scented, only to be disappointed when it’s not.

And rest assured Lush doesn’t claim the American cream scent smells like strawberry either.  I know because I’ve talked the the owner of lush about this very thing.

Now, onto what it DOES smell like, to most people, including myself.  It smells like creamy vanilla, with a light whiff of herbal clary sage and a pinch of herb-y lavender.

Below i’ll list what is shown and what isn’t shown in my photo above.

From newest to oldest.

American Cream body conditioner (potted and solid)

Marshmallow World bath bomb

American Cream perfume oil

American Cream shower gel

American Pie jelly

American Cream body lotion

I Am 10 bubble bar -Not shown

‘Oops Smitten’ hand cream

American Cream spray perfume

Flosty Gritter bubble bar

Twinkle bath bomb – Not shown (I will add tonight)

GO bomb – Not shown (I’ll add tonight)

Boob Tube breast cream

D Cup breast cream – Not shown

American Cream hair conditioner

Shimmy Shimmy massage bar Not shown ORIGINATING PRODUCT

If you know of any others that i’ve forgotten please let me know.

Love Boat

5 out of 5 rating. See my demo video below.

All aboard – we’ve been expecting you! The love boat promises something for everyone with the tangy sherbet scent of orange and Sicilian lemon.

How to use: 
Release waves of vibrant colour into your bath and swathes of red hearts. Drop in your bath and enjoy!

How to store: 
Keep in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to climb aboard.

This was made in the scent of Lush ‘Rose Lollipop’ lip balm-made with Rose, lemon and orange.

List of ingredients

This smells SO good. Just like sweet tarts candy to me.

This has such a wonderfully fruity scent. Its slightly sweet. Its nice and strong. This makes besutiful bath art.

The blue and pink combine to make a purple water with shimmer.

There is beautiful sparkle.

Here’s a tub demo of my new Love Boat bath bomb.

Omg! I’m in love!

2021 TubbDemo

2019 Tub Demo