Lush Christmas 2017

see below for my Lush 2017 Christmas Haul video.  And also my reviews and demos for the Christmas products via the list with links to my demos below.

Here’s my Lush Christmas 2017 Haul Video

😀♥ Lush has debut the holiday products at this year’s ‘Creative Showcase 2017‘ event, on Sept 3-4.

This years’ creative showcase revealed Lush limited edition Naked, or containerless solid products.  With literally no packaging nor waste, Lush has developed shower  gels, lotions, facial oils, etc which are made entirely out of solid product.  Lush has introduced some Christmas product changes, in the form of having the usual favorites coming in two versions; naked and regular bottled.

Lush has some old Christmas favorites returning, and some new Christmas goodies. There are five (naked & regular) body conditioners this year: Buck’s Fizz with the Celebrate scent, Snow Fairy, Ro’s Argan, Christingle and Rub Rub Rub.


Shower gels this Christmas include; Berry Berry, a new blueberry shower gel with a lovely blue color and blue sparkle! There is also Santa’s Christmas shower gel, which is spicy with black pepper, and cinnamon, and also having orange oil. The returning favorites shower gels are rose jam, bubbly, snow fairy, and twilight.
Lush has the following bath bombs for the Holidays this year at the showcase event and at Lush Oxford Street; Christmas Sweater, Ectoplasm, Pumpkin, Lord of Misrule, Golden Wonder XXL, Lord of Misrule, Nevermind the Ballistics , Pumpkin, Sherbet Dip, Shoot for the Stars, Snow Fairy jelly bomb, and Thundersnow.


And the following are the gorgeous bubble bars Lush have created this holiday season! Bewitched (the black cat) with a blackberry bomb scent, Christmas Eve with an updated design, Cracker, Man in the Moon made in with the ‘Man in the Mushroom’ Oxford Street fresh face mask scent, My Two Front teeth, Pink Pumpkin which is a pink version of the Halloween favorite ‘sparkly pumpkin’ madevwith pink glitter and the’Lust’ fragrance!  There is also a lovely purple Plum Snow bomb with the plum rain scent. Lush also has a Snowman bubbleroon which seems to be a Lush staff favorite, and also the returning ‘Sparkly Pumpkin’.

New Holiday Lush soaps include; New Holiday Lush soaps include; Hedgewitch, Saucey  Snowcake, Citrus  Christmas,and Hidden Mountain. Returning soaps: baked Alaska.

Two returning hower jellies; Snowman and Santa’s Belly.

What are you guys hoping to see return this year?

Lush Halloween 2017 is here.

These and other products debuted today at the Lush 2017 Creative ShowcaseI’ll be able to show (soon) which of these below are exclusive to which locations; NA, UK, Lush Kitchen, Oxford Street, etc. 

Baked Alaska

Berry Berry Christmas Naked and regular Shower Gel

Black Rose (NA & UK)


Bubbly naked shower gel

Bucks Fizz body conditioner

Buck’s Fizz naked body conditioner

Butterball Washcard

Butterbear bath bomb

Candy Cane Rhoulade

Candy Mountain

Christingle body conditioner

Christmas Cracker (bubble bar)

Christmas Rocker soap

Christmas Sweater bath bomb

Citrus Christmas

Golden Pear gourmet soap

Golden Wonder bath bomb

Golden Wonder XXL bath bomb

Hedgewitch gourmet soap

Hidden Mountain gourmet soap

Lord of Misrule bath bomb (NA & UK)

Lord of Misrule shower gel (NA & UK)

Luxury Lush Pud

Magic of Christmas bubble bar

Magic Wand

Man in the Moon bubble bar

My Two Front Teeth

Nevermind the Ballistics 

Once Upon A Time body lotion

Pink Pumpkin 

Plum Snow – plum rain scented bubble bar

Rose Jam shower gel

Salt and Peppermint body scrub

Santa Baby naked lip tint

Santa’s Belly jelly

Santa’s Christmas shower gel

Santa’s Christmas Naked Shower Gel

Saucy Snowcake soap

Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh

Sherbet Dip bath bomb

Shoot for the Stars

Shooting Stars

Snow Cloud soap

Snow Fairy cold pressed soap

Snow Fairy body conditioner

Snow Fairy naked body conditioner

Snow Fairy jelly bomb

Snow Fairy regular & naked shower gel

Snow Fairy Sparkle jar

Snow Man jelly

Sparkle jars

Star Light Star Bright

Sugar Plum Fairy solid lip color

The Olive Branch naked, solid shower gel

The Snowman bubbleroon

Tree D


Twilight Naked shower gel

Twilight sparkle jar

Wash Clouds

Dreamscape Gift

Snowflakes Gift

Rossy Christmas Gift

Evergreen Gift

On Christmas Tree Gift

Starry Night Gift

Season Greetings Gift

The mailorder website the Lush Kitchen will also be making Lush Christmas exclusives and Lush retro Christmas products for Uk or U.S. people to order and buy via their website. I’ll list those products here too, and those will be marked separately.

These shower gels will be returning , in addition to the New shower gels ‘Santa’s Christmas’ and “Berry Berry Christmas’.

Here are some photos I’ve taken of Lush Christmas products coming this year.


169 thoughts on “Lush Christmas 2017

    • One thing I always look forward to is your new video blogs on YouTube. You explain every product to a t. You give us lushies so much more than you thing. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t see your reviews on YouTube to know what things smell like or how they work if you didn’t upload videos. Keep up the hard work and hope you have an amazing Christmas 🙂 enjoy the calacas scent lush a lot 😍

    • I love everything!!!I think it’s because I have a issue with color since I am a artist.Also because when anything new and great comes out it’s always a big deal in my world!!

  1. All Snow Fairy Products but especially Father Christmas bath bomb, and the body conditioner! Just discovered them last year, and I’m obsessed with the scent.

  2. christmas eve bubble bar and a christmas eve shower gel. Ghost solid perfume. Do you know when we will know what halloween and christmas will be? They had the showcase already, didn’t they?

  3. I’d like to see some new stuff. I loved hot toddy/glogg but it kinda burns my skin and ive used it for years. Im burnt out on twilight, something about it, the sleepy lotion just turned me off. Id like to see some new hair stuff and lotions cause those smells last.

  4. Peeping Santa! Heard from a different Lush blogger that Peeping Santa isn’t coming back. Ugh! I hope that rumor is false.

  5. Abomniball bath bomb!!
    Love Apple bubble bar!
    Love soap, Love perfume or body spray
    Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar !!!!!!OMG I discovered it late. Please bring back ruby red, the spicy carnation smell is wonderful & I can’t find it anywhere.
    And Calacas shower jel, jelly, lotion or perfume.. you’d think they would bring back the stuff that sells out in mins on kitchen for crying out loud.

  6. I’m looking at videos and pics from Lushies I follow on Instagram, and I haven’t seen Peeping Santa. Is he a no-show for Christmas this year?? Also haven’t seen Father Christmas bath bomb. Sigh…guess the Snow Fairy jelly bomb replaced it.

  7. Lush Christmas looks amazing!!!!
    Sadly in October my store permanently closed 🙁
    So I never got to see the Christmas products 🙁

  8. This will officially be my first Christmas using Lush. I’m so excited to try all the wonderful scents. I think Yog Nog will be my fav…patiently waiting for the mailman….

  9. Lush Christmas is my favorite time at lush , I can not wait for my order from the lush exclusives , I love hot toddy ,yog nog and peeping santa , who am I kidding I love all of lush . 😂

  10. I’m signing up for this giveaway for once. Thank you April. You are as always so thoughtful. I love that the exclusives are here, but my Christmas shopping is done and there was no room left for Lush. Gutted 🙁

    • Thanks hon! Yeah. I know what you mean. I ran out of money before I could buy the things in this latest lush kitchen thing. Ugh. But it’s good because I was able to get all my Christmas shopping early this year for once. 😅

  11. I love you’re blog! My kids and I follow you on Instagram and Facebook. Keep up the great work!♥️😘🎉👌🏻

  12. So excited for this giveaway!!! Twilight is one of my extreme guilty pleasures right now. I’m the goofball who goes on eBay and buys the spray because they won’t ship it here from the U.K. site. But boy howdy if I don’t smell it every chance I get. 🙂 I also ran out of money before I could get any of the recent exclusives. Ah well. Another time! (Oh, and I totally went and grabbed some Sunday Riley after your Korean haul video.) I obviously have no self control. 🙄😝😂

  13. This years Lush Christmas products are fantastic. Thank you for having another giveaway, Merrt Christmas 🎄

  14. This is my first year being a lushie and, I have to say, I’m so glad I found your blog! The scent families posts are fabulous, I always wonder what else they have in that scent I’m looking for. Also, your videos, I love them, they’re informative and I’m secretly super envious you have such a bomb-ass lush connection!! 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway, may you have a berry berry Christmas!

  15. I think that this years Christmas products are some of the best, except I wish they would’ve brought northern lights out again this year

  16. I would LOVE to win anything from LUSH and you are SO FORTUNATE to have all that you do! I love your blog and your videos! Any question I have, I go to your vids/encyclopedia to look up OR I just ask you 🙂 THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!! xoxoxox

  17. I haven’t bought any Lush in forever but I always go to your blog to look at what’s new. Keep up the good work for us!❤️

  18. Thank you April so much for this awesome giveaway!! I appreciate everything you do for this lush community, I have learned so much from you. Merry Christmas!

  19. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I have So White shower gel on the way from the lush kitchen (ordered after watching your video). Can’t wait to try it!

  20. Entering your giveaway please! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win gorgeous Twilight goodies. Your posts and videos are are amazing. I have so much fun learning from you!

  21. I can’t wait to try the new Christmas products! I wish they would have brought mistletoe bath bomb back this year though! Thank for all the reviews! And giveaways! ❤❤

  22. How exciting, love the twilight scent family. Thank you for all of the info you give, I absolutely love all of your videos!

  23. Great blog! Loving the Christmas range this year! Thanks for all your hard work April! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Xo

  24. Lots of strange misses this Christmas, but some interesting new hits. I just wish they’d have kept LOM through Christmas.

  25. Thanks for this giveaway! You’re awesome as always! I️ have been living vicariously through everyone else’s Christmas hauls, because unfortunately I️ can’t afford to purchase anything this year after hubby’s military retirement. I️ only hope that the majority of these exclusives are available again next year.Twilight everything is my favorite! Have a blessed Christmas and New Year Ms.April! @marinewife504(YouTube) @tangie504(Instagram)

  26. I spent way too much money buying most of the Christmas products. I can’t help it though – I love Lush! Thanks for doing this giveaway. You are way too generous!

  27. Hi April! Thanks for the opportunity to enter a giveaway! J love your YouTube, blog and insta! Definitely a lushies’ staple social media guru! 🙂

  28. Love the holiday line. I just tried the frankincense and myrr bar and I actually really like it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  29. You are now my go to person for descriptions and videos of all Lush profucts. I love Christmas Cracker this year although the popping candy doesn’t always work. Thanks for all your give-aways! Merry Christmas!!🎄

  30. I Love LUSH! Thank you for all you do and all the help you provide to keep us informed and thanks for the opportunity to enter a giveaway!!

  31. Thank you for the generous giveaway!!! Also I am Soo grateful they brought back some of the old favorites like peeping santa and the penguin!!! Ordered 4 of each and a bling Crosby😬 happy holidays to you and yours.

  32. So excited about all the Christmas stuff this year! I’m usually not a soaps lover but the Snowcloud soap is amazing! I love the scent of orange blossom so much. Thanks for all that you do in the community!

  33. I’m so excited for dashing santa and man on the moon! 🙂 I’m nervous to try Christmas sweater because of the spicy scent…but maybe I will get one!
    Merry Christmas, April!

  34. This would be a very merry Twilight Christmas for sure ! I got my daughter one of the fidget bubble bars for her stocking and a snow fairy jelly bomb. Of course I grabbed a Thundersnow for myself last night as well.

  35. Thank you for always being so generous April & doing giveaways & taking your time to school us on Lush products with all of your knowledge! Good luck to all who enter & I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! 🙂

  36. I love the lush chritsmas this year i was able to get some for once yay! Thank you for always keeping us all up to date on everything they have!! You are so amazing!

  37. I was so excited when you announced a twilight themed giveaway. I just tried sleepy body lotion and have fallen in love with the scent. Looking forward to trying more and can’t wait for more reviews from you.

  38. I really need to order some more of the naked products. I’ve tried a couple and they were just ok but I think I’d really love a few others.

  39. Twilight, snow fairy, and rose jam are so good! I’m hoping to raise enough money to be able to afford some this year. And maybe some snowcake. Twilight is my priority though! Thank you for the giveaway, love your site!

  40. Thanks so much for the chance to win some exclusive Twilight goodies April! And I hope you and the family have a great Christmas and Lushmas 💜

  41. ok so i have never tried lush before. i know, i know!! i need to get on top of that asap. i have been stalking their webpage for months reading about all the awesome products and LOVING the christmas gift sets. my question though, are they worth it? especially for a noob? or should i just get one or two individual things to try? decisions!!

  42. I am so enamored with this year’s christmas range and it breaks my heart that I’m tight on money right now … I’m hoping for a boxing day sale so I can get my hands on some of these beauties! Thank you for showing them in all their glory and also thank you for another amazing giveaway!

  43. I’m super happy for all the new stuff that came out.i like everything!!!I think it’s also because I’m an artist and do nothing but color so it’s always exciting when other people create new stuff also.

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