Twilight shower gel


The first Twilight shower gel ever made was a Lush UK forum member only special.  The lush bath bomb called Twilight had come out in stores new that year and everyone loved it, so when Mark C asked what we wanted special, we said “a shower gel made out of that new bath bomb that we love’.  The movie Twilight had just come out.  The original (above picture)was made in a light purple color at that time to look like twilight.  Twilight is not Night time, so i never understood why they made it darker purple (below), but i’m not complaining about the shower gel itself .  It’s fragrance is a Gorgeous herbal lavender note and then a sweet caramel tonka bean (like vanilla bean) note.  And they work marvelously together.  Who would have thought to put these two things together.  Brilliant.

The Lush Kitchen made this again for us to purchase on their on line site.  Thank you lush Kitchen.  I bought five bottles. 🙂