Lush Valentines 2018

Lush North America will offer these on line on Thursday January 17

The products on the list below are going to be released in the Uk and Europe for Valentine’s Day 2018. The highlighted product names have pages, photos, and my demo video of the product in my tub associated with them. I’ll add more info, pics, vids, etc here over the next week or so. In the meantime here’s a link to last year’s Lush Valentine’s page to look at. There will be five or six products from Valentine’s 2017 that are returning for 2018.

Giant Rose Bombshell: how extra are you? Extra enough to want an XXL bath bomb filled with Rose petals? We thought so. SP, Vegan

Rose BombShell: soak amidst cascades of real rose petals, mineral rich sea salt and a sophisticated lemon rose perfume. SP, Vegan

Heart Of Enlightened Expectations: set loving intentions as you soak in a bouquet of floral oil‘s in absolutes and blissful, buttery bubbles. SP, Vegan

Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon: show your skin a whole Lotta love with silky cocoa butter waters and romantic Jasmine-Rose bubbles. SP, Vegan

Unicorn Horn Bubblebar: sink into pastel waters topped with frothy bubbles, scented with a dreamy lavender Neroli perfume. SP, Vegan

Love Boat Bath Bomb: come aboard for a rose and orange adventure that promises something for everyone. SP, Vegan

Titsy Totsy Bath Bomb: concoct a love potion in your bath with rose absolute, precious Orris route and romantic rosebuds. SP, Vegan

Tender is the Night Naked Shower Cream: A sweet, floral blend of Jasmine ylang ylang and vanilla with Murumuru butter for soft kissable skin. SP, Vegan

Tunnel Of Love Soap: let love take you for a ride perfumed with rosewater, sweet wild orange oil and lime oil. SP, Vegan

Kiss Me Quick Wash Card: get in a sweet and spicy lather with warm clove bud oil and comforting Tonka absolute. SP, Vegan Here’s a demo of last years Kids Me Quick wash card

Melt My Heart Massage Bar: melt even the frostiest hearts with this floral stunner of orange flower and violet leaf. SP, Vegan

Cherryish Body Scrub:get touchably soft with vegan white chocolate, dried cherries and Rich murumuru butter. *SP, Vegan

The Kiss Lip Scrub: Buff away dryness with this fruity scrub, then get ready to pucker up with the softest lips. SP, Vegan

The Kiss Lip Gloss: sweep on this coconut oil and Shea butter gloss for a sheer pink lip and a subtle Mandarin almond flavor. SP, Vegan

Here’s a video I recorded of my Lush Uk Valentine’s Day 2018 Haul!

Here are some photos I’ve taken of these lovely Lush products.

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