Scrub 5 out of 5 rating. See my sink demo and detailed review video below

This is SO yummy smelling.  Also it works well.

Its for use in the shower on any part of your body that needs some exfoliation. Then you just rinse off.

It isn’t scratchy like the old Lush sugar scrubs, this one uses ground almonds as i recall, but they’re softly ground and moisturizing. It’s not TOO moisturizing either.

It smells like cherry candy.  It’s a sweet cherry scent.  Lush made the Christmas 2021 shower gel “Merry Christmas’ in the cherish scent.  It makes me skin smooth and soft without being greasy.

When Lush discontinued this shortly after introducing it, many people did not understand that decision.

cherry, chocolate

I would buy a small stash of these.

Here’s my video of how to use it.

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