No Lush Boxing Day sale

This is the first time in 16 years that Lush has had no after Christmas sale.

14 thoughts on “No Lush Boxing Day sale

  1. Kinda makes sense to me as the website last year was a disaster, even this year following a couple of limited edition releases it collapsed!

  2. What are they thinking? This is gonna be a mess, my local store doesn’t even have a ton of products left. If they don’t want to waste product..then what was the purpose of that gigantic Golden Wonder yesterday? I wish they would have more sales than just this one..we all spend enough money throughout the year to deserve a couple sales..I can’t handle all this change..lololol

  3. I don’t even HAVE a ‘local’ store 🙁 I was so looking forward to this, as I’ve been waiting for Boxing Day to get my first ever order/try of Lush for the best price. I am so incredibly sad.

  4. I’ve tried a Twilight & Lord of Misrule Indie bath bomb dupe of the fragrances, but I’ve never smelled or used a single Lush product yet. :*

  5. I’m very dissapointed…I was just pre-loading my cart. This is maybe the 3rd time a year I purchase(stock up) from Lush..😣😔..Lord of Misrule ,Rose Jam Christmas Cake and Snowfairy are my faves.SMH

  6. I’m kinda disappointed by lush. I kinda took your word for it and used my Christmas money to make my orders yesterday instead of waiting for the Boxing Day sale. Then I Google Lush Boxing Day sale USA and this is what I find: Kinda sucks that I could have gotten double than what I ordered. Oh well, no use crying about it now. Lol atleast I grabbed my favorites and new products before they sold out.

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