Shooting Stars

4 out of 5 rating

Above is what the single 100g pieces sold on the website look like.

See my short video review of my piece of Shooting Stars soap that i bought from  I bought a 500g piece the day it came up on the website.  I think i paid 19.00 for it or something close to that. For 5 pieces of soap (same wight as).  Have you seen the price of soap in the U.S. lately?

These in the below photo are the giant soaps in the stores.

I LOVE that Lush did something they’ve never done and used starfruit in this soap.  Hence the name.  It has a fruity scent all it’s own.  Right on Lush!


Here’s a photo i took of my piece that i got from one of the big store display soaps.


Here’s my short video description and review of this soap