Vit C toner tabs

Wow. The scent is lovely. It’s kind of like the lovely scent Eau Roma rose and lavender toner water in scent,  but the scent of “C” has more depth. Aromatherapy-wise Vit C was calming to me, and the same ingredients when on my face made my skin glow and feel clean and it definitely felt more rejuvinated. A lovely fresh rose and sandalwood scent…Mmm. It was absolutely a delight for my skin. A great treat for my face. 4 stars.

Lush 2008 description; The Vitamin C Tab gives you a beneficial steam clean with restorative, skin softening rose and anti-oxidant vitamin C to trounce free radicals. This is the Toner Tab for older faces, the one we designed for ourselves so people keep on saying, “You`re how old! Never!” and making us smile.

Ingredients; Sodium Bicarbonate , Citric Acid , Vitamin C Powder , Sandalwood Oil, Cedarwood Oil , Rose Absolute, Olibanum Resinoid, Organic Strawberry flour, Perfume.

Hot to use: Make a container of hot water, get a towel large enough to drape over your head and face, throw in a toner tab.

Now put your face over the hot water, put the towel over your head and steam your face with the hot toner water.

At his point you can do various things with the water after steaming;

1. set the water aside for later or decant it into a plastic spray bottle.

2. you can use it to splash your face or dip a washcloth in the hot water and use it to clean your face after the steaming.

3. you can use the water to rinse your face off after cleansing at another time.