Lush Christmas 2016 (NA, Uk, Oxford Street, Kitchen)

My Lush Christmas 2017 page will have the same format as this one, except with the new products.

How it goes every year is that I write the Christmas page.

Then i get the products right away from Lush UK. I add the names and descriptions and prices of each product here on my blog early, before anyone reviews them.

I do a haul video and pics.

Then as i review them i make demo videos, write my reviews and take photos and add them here to each products’ page as i go.

So that my Lush Holiday pages are always all done months before the products go to the U.S.img_3157


Lush Oxford Street superstore will also be creating and selling a few exclusives of their very own this Christmas. I have demos of those.

And of course, the Lush Kitchen mail order website at will probably have some (pre-Christmas release) Holiday delights of their own too for us to buy! I’ve posted those here as well.

Bath bombs-This year there will be a few new bath bombs, such as “‘Nevermind the Ballistics’ , with lime, orange and frankincense. And a new one called “Mistletoe’ made with the Lush popular ‘Silky underwear’ scent, as well as many popular, returning favorites such as ‘Golden Wonder’, ‘Stardust’, ‘Luxury Pud’, and ‘Butterbear’.  The new Christmas ‘Satsuma’ bomb, which will only be available in stores in a couple of gift sets, and it shares it’s scent with the new Christmas soap called “Igloo’.

The returning ‘Northern Lights’, ‘Shoot for the Stars’, ‘Stardust’, and ‘So White’ bath bombs will have a new look!

Body Conditioners-Our beloved, minty “Christingle’ body conditioner will be returning this year. Plus there is new body conditioner this year called “Snow Fairy’.  As you’ve probably guessed, it was made with the same ingredients as, thus shares it’s scent with the popular Christmas Lush shower gel “Snow Fairy’.  It’s a lovely light pink with sparkle in it!

Body Lotion-A new lotion called “Sleepy’ which seems from the ingredients to be a “Twilight’ scented lotion.  Yay!

Speaking of Twilight scented things; this Christmas Lush has also created a new dusting powder called “Mr. Sandman”, and they advertise it as having the “twilight” scent.  Twilight is a creamy, herby lavender scent, with a slight vanilla note coming from the tonka bean.  Aren’t we lucky this year!  Thank you lush.

Bubble bars– Lush will introduce two new re-usable wand type bubble bar this Holiday, Jester, whcih shares it’s scent with Lush “Brightside’ bubble bar and Santasurus which is made with the honey i washed the kids scent.  They will join the returning “Magic of Christmas” and “Magic Wand’ bubble bar wands.

There are a few of new Holiday 2016  bubble bars this year such as “Snowie’ which has the gorgeous “Frozen’ bath bomb scent, as well as the returning ‘Christmas Penguin’, ‘Candy Mountain’ and ‘Peeping Santa’ bubble bars.

The red, glittery Christmas “Ruby Red Slipper’ (I.E. “Holiday Bubble”) bubble bar from Holidays past has been redesigned this year to be in a different shape.  Instead of the usual gorgeous, round red Holiday bubble bar, this years’ will be designed to look like an actual ruby red slipper! They’ve outdone themselves!

Dusting Powders The popular “Fairy Dust’ powder returns this year, and Lush has also created a new Christmas dusting powder called “Mr. Sandman”, which Lush advertises as having the “Twilight” scent.

FUN barsLush will also introduce 3-4 new limited edition Christmas FUN bars; Santa, Elf, Reindeer, and Snow Fairy. Last years’ Magic of Christmas, Aliens and Monsters’, and Snakes and ladders will not be returning this year.

Jellies-There are two returning holiday shower jellies; Santa’s Belly and ‘Snowman’,  and one new Christmas facial jelly called “Papa Noel’

Lip color, lip tints, lip scrubs, lip balms-Two returning and two new lip products this year.  A new lip tint called “Sugar Plum Fairy’ and the other new one is a lip scrub also called “Sugar Plum Fairy’.  Unlike the returning, red toned “Santa baby’ and “Santa’s Lip scrub, the new “Sugar Plum” lip tint and lip scrub will have a plum and purple color.

Shower gels-Two returning Holiday faves and one or two new Holiday 2016 shower gels; ‘Snow Fairy’ and ‘Rose Jam’. One new Christmas shower gel this year called “Bubbly’ which is made with the popular  “Champagne Snow Showers’/ ‘Celebrate’ scent.

Soap-There are four new soaps this year in addition to returning favorites like “Baked Alaska” and “Reindeer Rock”.  Reindeer is a different color this year! Gorgeous, New Holiday limited edition soaps include ‘Igloo’, ‘Santa’s Post Box’, and ‘Shooting Stars’, and ‘Snowcastle’!  Igloo soap shares it’s scent with the new Christmas bath bomb called ‘Satsuma’. I find Shooting Stars soap to smells like Lush ‘Avobath’ bath bomb, Avoshower jelly, shower gel. 


Alphabetical list

The products in the first list will be below available on line and in stores in North America and the Uk, Australia, Germany, ETC.  Starting with the Uk on September 26. (click on the links to see my video demos and reviews of the product)

Baked Alaska soap
Beanie bubble bar (Lush decided not to make this)
Bubbly shower gel
Buche De Noel facial cleanser
Butterbear -bath bomb
Candy Cane Rhoulade
Candy Mountain bubble bar
Christingle body conditioner
Elf on a Shelf FUN
Fairy Dust powder
Father Christmas -bath bomb
Golden Wonder -bath bomb
Igloo soap
Jester reusable bubble wand
Luxury Lush Pud -bath bomb
Magic Wand
Mr Sandman
Never Mind the Ballistics
Northern Lights -bath bomb New Look!
 Over and Over
Papa Noel facial jelly
Peeping Santa -bubble bar
Reindeer and Robin FUN
Reindeer Rock soap
Rose Jam shower gel
Salt and Peppermint bark scrub
Santa baby lip scrub
Santa baby lip tint
Santa FUN bar
Santa’s Belly jelly
Santa’s Postbox soap
Santasaurus reusable bubble wand
Satsuma bath bomb
Shoot for the Stars 2016  look!)
Shooting Stars soap

Sleepy lotion

Snowman jelly

Snow Angel bath melt/bomb
Snow Fairy shower gel
Snow Fairy body conditioner
Snow Fairy FUN
Snowcastle soap
Snowie bubble bar
So White bath bomb (new look)
Sparkling Red Slippers bubble bar
Stardust -bath bomb
Sugar Plum Fairy scrub
Sugar plum fairy scrub
The Christmas Penguin bubble bar
The Magic of Christmas bubble bar
Yog Log rhoulade


The following are available in Lush North America, UK  and all other countries. On line mail order and in all Lush stores.


 event. The following is a list of Lush Uk holiday 2016 products exclusive to Oxford Street store in England, and other Lush products that were exclusive to the lush Creative Showcase event, which is where Lush debuted their 2016 Holiday products.

Hal soap

Dragon’s Egg

Error 404


Metropolis (not sold to the public, only demonstrated)

Magic bubble bar


Over and Over bath bomb

Ponche shower gel self preserved in 4 sizes!

Plum Rain shower gel in 4 sizes!
Here’s a video by Candyelion that beautifully shows the wonder of the Creative Showcase event which debut the Lush Halloween and Christmas 2016 products, as well as some Creative Showcase Lush products made only for this event!  I have those are shown here

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  3. I love your blog April, whenever I debate about getting a lush item I come here or your YouTube page. I have followed your Instagram for a very long time and I’m excited to get the opportunity to enter this giveaway again. I feel you are extremely generous for giving away such exiting products, especially from the kitchen people have missed out on.

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    I started buying lush products as a way of coping with my anxiety & depression, using them as rewards and healthy forms of stress-relief & self-care. I’ve never before encountered a company that genuinely cares so much about me as a customer and their product, and this kind of environment, coupled with the amazing community surrounding lush, makes a hug difference for my mental health.

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