Big Blue Egg

This is a giant egg-shaped ‘Big Blue‘ bath bomb. It has the same popular oceanic lemon, lavender and seaweed oil scent as their popular in/store bath bomb. It smells fresh and clean and it does smell like the ocean. It feels like something spa-like.

Lush says: “This should probably be called the Big, Big Blue Egg. After all, you’ll feel like you’ve really taken a dip in the ocean when you immerse yourself in depths of skin-softening salt waters and are caressed by waves of lavender and lemon oils. ”
List of ingredients

Coarse Sea Salt-cleaning, volumizing and mineral-rich

Fine Sea Salt-cleaning, volumizing and mineral-rich

Arame Seaweed -Softening and detoxifying

Lavender Oil-Balancing and calming

Lemon Oil

Seaweed Absolute-Softening and detoxifying


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