Emperor of Ice Cream

This buttercream has a beautiful, bold,  floral fragrance. The name comes from a poem. This buttercream does not snell like ice cream. It’s not meant to smell like ice cream. It’s a desert to smell like perfume. Floral perfume. 

Emperor of Ice cream buttercream has lots of moisturizing butters like macadamia nut butter.

This is not sweet what so ever. 

Lol, I repeat this does not smell like any kind if ice cream.  Flowers. Perfume. 

I think it’s a Sexy floral fragrance. It’s a very firm buttercream.  Think bar soap,  with some Cocoa butter give to it. 

If you enjoy things like Sex Bomb, Lust 

One thought on “Emperor of Ice Cream

  1. Sounds amazing. I have the skinny dip buttercream. I didnt like the clove scent when I first opened it. But it wasn’t so bad after I washed with it. I need to get a hold of some of this. I love all of Lush’s floral scents, so I’m sure I’d love this one. The buttercream date so moisturizing. Thanks for keeping all of us lushies so informed about the products. You have helped me find the best products for me by your reviews and demos. I appreciate you so much.♥️

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