Lush Bath Oils-New

See my bath oil video demo list of 20 new Lush bath oils. I’ve done video demos of all 19. The links to each of those tub demo videos are in the below list


A fabulous way to get a good amount of our favorite fragrances in a small package.  It’s small but it makes a gorgeous show in the tub.  Adding color and in some cases shimmer.  The fragrances are stronger and last longer on the skin than in other things like bath bombs and bubble baths.

I have all of them, so as i use each one i’ll make videos and take photos that you can watch via the links below.

Cloak of Invisibility 

Double Vitality
Floating Island

Flower’s Barrow
Happy Thoughts
I Am a Radiant Being
Johnny Appleseed
Lime Pastilles
Melting Marshmallow Moment
Monsieur Gustave
Oil On Troubled Water
Orange Blossom
Razzle Dazzle
Shark Infested Custard

Snow Melt
You’ve Been Mangoed

Here’s a 15 second video i made showing as many of these as i could.  I keep them in a bowl in my bathroom.

Ginger bath oil melt

2 out of 5 rating

See my bath demo video of this below

Ginger is a white gold color, unlike the coppery gold color of one of the other lush bath oils.  Ginger is a strong, spicy floral scent.  It is not sweet whatsoever.  It is a strong floral.  Lush has made many products in the past with this same “Ginger” scent. See Ginger soap, Ginger perfume, Ginger lotion, Ginger dusting powder, Ginger man soap, Bad Ass shower gel, Ginger Kat.  I have one, and when i use it i will record it and upload the video to you tube and then post it here too.


This is so pretty.  Too bad i don’t care for the fragrance of it.  Too spicy and too strong of a rose smell.




Here’s a bath demo video i made of this bath oil as it melts.