Ingredients: Fizzy Candy, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Petitgrain Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Gardenia Extract.

Lush Times: The Fizzbanger has the Love fragrance, a perfume from Lush ‘B’ boutique in London. First, you get the scent that reminds me of sweet apples; then, you get a hit of cinnamon and toffee. When you drop it into the bath, the water changes colour again and again, from yellow to blue to a deep green. Like all of our new ballistics, it takes ages to fizz away, so you get to enjoy the experience for longer. It’s a good excuse to stay in the bath until someone makes you get out.

Review:  I have always loved the Lush classic “Love” fragrance, and so i was excited to see it in bath bomb form in Fizzbanger.  It gets my vote for most colorful current bath bomb.  It’s colorful on the outside, a bright, sunshine yellow, but it’s the color of the bath water that is the real color show.  See my video below.

Here is a pic I took of all the things Lush has made with this fragrance. Love apple is missing in the photo.