Lush Naked shop – Japan

Lush introduced five or six of the exclusive Lush Japan bath bombs at the Lush 2018 Creative Showcase. I’ll list them below and include links to the product article.

I’ll add those store photos and more products here on this page over the next couple of days.

Black Rose






So White

Lucky Cat

Honey I Washed the Kids

Cappa Cucumber

Pirates of the Carageenan



Yuzu & Cocoa


Ginger Ninja


Fluffy Clouds

Bag Flower

Sea Salt and Clay


Tender is the Night

Tumeric Latte

Strawberries and Cream

Seasalt and Clay

Starburst Harajuku



Lush will open its third all naked shop in Japan in mid 2019.

Lush introduced the products that will be made for this store at their annual Creative Showcase.

I was fortunate enough to attend the annual Lush Cosmetics Creative Showcase this year, 2018.

While there i was lucky enough to be able to buy the following exclusive prodicts, and included are a couple of exclusive products which were given to me by the creators at the showcase.

Amongst my favorite products are the six bath bombs that were on display at the showcase. Once a day (the showcase was a two day event) a magical van would open up in an explosion of smoke! And out would pop a group of Lush staff dressed up and leading songs about the bath bomb that would be demonstrated before those of us in the crowded line. Then they would announce that the bombs would be sold to those of us in line, one per person, until they sold out.

I was able to get multiple of each because my husband bought a ticket to the event too and was with me in line. He bought one too and gave his to me. Additionally, we had tickets for both days, so the next day we waited in line again and bought one each again.

Then as we were leaving, i got a call saying the owners of Lush wanted to thank me for what ive done for them throughout the years by giving me a bag with some goodies which included one each of these six exclusive bath bombs.

I couldnt believe it! So this is why i have multiples and have been doing giveaways with them.

So i have taken photos and videos of all of them for you.

Black Rose


Kitsune (Fox spirit)



Goddess (formerly God is a Woman)

Lush also had skincare, hair are, and solid mouthwash, wash cards and toothy tabs. ill post picture i took of these too below

Lush Creative Showcase 2016

See my New Creative Showcase 2017 page here

Here’s a video by Candyelion that showcases Lush new holiday goodies shown at the 2016 Creative Showcase


Lush has an extravaganza event in London called “Creative Showcase’, which has multitudes of things going on.  There are not only presentations from the owners and creators of lush but there were new, upcoming product sneak peaks, one-off products, and a preliminary showcase of all the Halloween and (some) Christmas products.  At last year’s Creative Showcase Ttere were two bath bombs exclusive to the showcase, There were also a giant “Golden Wonder’ fountain, A giant Experimenter bath bomb display and giant Error 404 bath bombs.


Some of the things that were there last year; (not all of them are going to be sold to the public); A new dandruff shampoo, a new bath bomb that lights up with changing colors, 2 interesting twists on the Lush ‘New’ shampoo bar and ‘Dream Cream’ lotion,  bath bombs, scented nail polishes, edible sex bomb flowers, chocolate mushrooms, cotton candy floss shower soap, posters, iron ons, performances, gallery rooms, perfumes, and more!

Attendees learned that the new Lush Holiday 2016 products are 100% self-preserved.

Here is a top down view of one of the areas in this massive place. Bathtubs and sinks abound, with piles of new bath bombs, and a giant bath bomb fizz display in the middle. The event fountain had an Intergalactic bath bomb, an Experimenter bath bomb, and a Golden Wonder bomb display and dissolve in the massive middle tub.

There were also  bath bombs for sale there last year that, while not quite as big as these giant display bombs, they are about twice the size of a regular bomb. These were available for purchase.  One was a giant Intergalactic bath bomb called ‘Nebula’, one was a Dragon’s Egg bath bomb called ‘Mother of a Dragon’.  They also had large Error 404 bath bombs for purchase.  I don’t know what the name of that one was however.  When i get that i’ll add that here.

Listed here below are products that were exclusive to this ‘Creative Showcase’ event at Tobacco Dock on Sept 13 2016.  The Lush Oxford Street store has a couple of these as well for only a day or two.

Hal soap


Mother of Dragon’s bath bomb

Nebula (it’s a giant Intergalactic bomb)

Magic bubble

Metamorphisis bomb

Over and Over bomb (looks similar to lush “Nevermind the Ballistics’, but it’s different)



Jack Constantine demonstrated his invention of a bath bomb below called Metropolis that lights up! And the liquid light changes colors!  – it’s inspired by city life and the scent is supposed to be like cocaine or was inspired by cocaine because of the drug use in cities. The black and gray on it are meant to be the dust and dirt and smoke from the city.  I’ll post more pics or video here if i get any.

The black/grey on it is meant to be the dust and dirt and smoke from the city.

Yeah, it’s soap, but it looks just like cotton candy/candy floss






The Perfumes above were offered to attendees of this event.

Amelie Mae – Simon has created this perfume for his youngest daughter ‘Amelie Mae’. It has notes of delicate lavender, sweet ylang ylang and jammy rose.

Cardamom and Coffee – “Simon was offered a hot cup of cardomom coffee when he was on a trip to a refugee camp.  The rich aroma warmed up his hands and heart. On returning to the lab he recreated this spicy fragrance.”

Home From Damascus

Iamesh-“Iamesh likes to experience the power of serving others by being himself”-Hal Samples

I’m Home


Secret Garden

Sweet Grandma –Was created with orange blossom, a sweet heart, and a herby twist.  Inspired by Hal Samples’ Grandmother, mother

and best friend.

What Would Love Do




These are giant bath bombs.




Here are some of the things i’m getting from there thanks to some ANGELS disguised as humans.  Lovely people you are.