Brandy Butter




See my video of Brandy Butter below. Mmm…Yummy. It’s spicy and smells like something Christmasy that you would eat or drink, like a spicy eggnog or something. This one is a great one for combining too. The cinnamony “Christmas Cracker” BBS, “Psychodelic” BBS, go well with it.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cocoa butter, brandy butter, cinnamon leaf oil, tangerine oil, brandy, pink sparkles, perfume

From the 2002 Yuletide Lush Times description: Here’s a gorgeous new ballistic which smells of brandy, cinnamon, and tangerines. Wouldn’t you like to find one of these in the toe of your Christmas stocking! It has huge chunks of brandy flavoured cocoa butter (not butter from cows so it’s still vegan) which melt and moisturize your skin with a fragrance which all after dinner tipplers will find irresistible. For an outrageous Christmas bath cocktail throw in a Lush Pud first then add a Brandy Butter on top. Delicious!

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