Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar

See my video of Pink Flamingo below – A Sweet,  pink and fruity scent.  It has extra cocoa butter.   I love the scent although It’s not one of my favorites because I don’t  like the reusable bars as much as the regular bubble bars. gbp / $9.02

It didn’t seem to make as much bubbles as the other lush bubble bars. Maybe because of the extra cocoa butter.

I remember when it first came out at the Lush Oxford Street superstore in London.  Someone got one for me. They had so many cool things at the same time at the Oxford street store that I loved more, so this bar kind of faded into he background bit compared to the rest of the new lush products at that time because this flamingo bar came out among 100 other new products.

I’d give this a 3 out of 5 rating.