Supertramp bubble bar

Supertramp bubble bar was made with the Supertramp shower gel scent.

The Supertramp shower gel is made from 2 Lush products mixed together; ‘Smaragadine’ phyto foam bath (a cosmetic to go product) and the old classic ‘Tramp’ shower gel.  It’s a mossy, woody dark green scent.  This has patchouli and peppermint, rose, lavender and orange, petigrain, sandalwood and ginger.

Here’s a photo i took of it, and below is a link to a youtube video i made of supertramp in the tub.

I cut it in half and use half per bath as this is a big, heavy bar.  Watch the video for a look at whst it does in the bath ⬇️



Heres a video of the showergel