Devil’s Nightcap soap

3 out of 5 rating

if youve ever tried the Black Phoenix perfume called ‘Graveyard Dirt’ that is close to what Devils Nightcap smells like.

The same fragrance as one of my favorite Lush perfumes “Devil’s Nightcap”.

oakmoss, ylang ylang, clary sage, oakwood.

Firstly, I love the clay consistency in this soap, it reminds me of the classic lush soap called “Middle Earth turns to rock’ (changed to Waylander rasshoul), except Devil’s Nightcap is more perfume-y with the ylang ylang

Having the scent of Lush “Devil’s Nightcap’ perfume, The clary sage gives a bitter note that works really well with the earthy, woodylushDevil'sNightcapWiki and perfumey floral notes.  I think this soap has a love it or hate it scent.  I’ve read people who LOVE this and people who Hate this, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.  I love it, it evokes an earthy, almost brooding, darkly feminine scent.

This soap was made in 2014, along with other soaps, for the grand opening of the first Lush Oxford Street Superstore.

It’s cool looking with the oakmoss hanging all over the soap.  They say you can use the oakmoss as an exfoliant, however i pick it off before i use it.

Its scent stays on the skin for hours.

Lush description:  Sympathy for the Devil

Scrub your sins away with this raw and earthy oakmoss and oakwood soap.