Tooth Fairy Strawberry tooth powder

see my video demo below

Weight:  35g

Cost:  4.95 gbp / $7.50

Lush description:  Wish and swish.  Turn your toothbrush into a magic wand with sparkles and strawberries.



Review:  This is a fluoride and checmical free option for cleaning your teeth.  Basically you wet your toothbrush, then stick the bristles in the tooth powder, and then brush as usual.  It tastes like strawberry, and my teeth did feel squeaky clean afterwards. Even though it has sparkles the sparkle doesn’t stick to your teeth.  I’m definitely using this one up.  I have the other new toothy tabs to use before i can get another Toothy Fairy powder.  Video coming very soon.

Ingredients:  calcium carbonate, beetroot powder, sorbitol, snowflake lustre, arrowroot, lauroyl sarcosine, kaolin, sodium bicarbonate, strawberry extract, lemon oil, stevia, xylitol





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