Lush Kitchen Menu – November 16-20

A gift set called

On the menu for this week is:

Cold As Ice Gift (£24.95): featuring four frosty exclusives, Abombinaball and Northern Lights bath bombs, Snowshowers shower jelly and Star Light Star Bright bath melt, and just about the frostiest, limited edition knot-wrap you’ll see made of plastic bottles this side of the North Pole.

We’re also bringing you even more bonus products on Monday. We’ve teamed up with our friends in the bath oils kitchen, who will be making some Oxford Street exclusive bath oils (£2.00 each) for you! Feast your eyes on the following:

Flower’s Barrow
Double Vitality
Monsieur Gustave
Lime Pastille
Shark Infested Custard
I Am A Radiant Being
Cloak Of Invisibility
Oil On Troubled Water
Happy Thoughts
Orange Blossom
Johnny Appleseed

Just one of these rich, melty numbers will turn your bath into a fragrant paradise. Enjoy!