Flying Fox shower gel

Ingredients: Honey, Chinese Angelica, Burdock Root and Jasmine Flower Infusion,  Hungarian Honey, Greek Honey, English Honey,English Honey, Perfume, Jasmine Absolute , Ylang Ylang Oil, Cypress Oil , Palmarosa Oil


This shower gel is loaded with Jasmine. It has honey in it as well but it is no where near the scent of B Never or other lush honey favorites. It is a strong floral scent. The scent stays on your skin 24 hours later. I find it to be a little too intense smelling but it’s nice to have a good jasmine scent now and again. The ballistic version of this scent is called “Youki Hi“. Also Lush made “Floating Flower’ bath bomb for Valentine’s 2014 in this same scent, and lush “Godiva” solid hair shampoo also has this scent.

LT 2006 Description: Lascivious, licentious, vivacious and insatiable, this is the Sex-Appeal Honey Shower with masses of Jasmine. Contains the finest aphrodisiac essential oils, plus the best three oils for controlling PMS. Use generously all over your body and even wash your hair with it if you dare! To make you smell sexy whether you are going out for the night or just having a night in with a friend.

Here is a picture of a Lush exclusive 2018 Summit bath bomb with the same scent. It’s called ‘Fox’.