Mallorquin gourmet soap

Here are the Lush gourmet soaps in their display area in the Lush Oxford Street superstore. Lush would cut off a piece however big you wanted to buy.

Gourmet soap’ These soaps are soft like Movis soap.  They are more moisturizing and have more butters and fine ingredients. Also, they use ingredients from ‘Masai’ for the ‘Masai Lather” soap for instance to give back to the local community commerce in these regions of the world.

The soap is very moist, and pliable. Its kindvof like Movis soap in consistency but with almond and more cocoa butter.

Here is the Oxford Street catalog with the gourmet soaps, including mallorquin, on the bottom of the left page

Here’s a demo video i made of my piece of Lush mallorquin soap