Lush Kitchen menu Feb 8-12 2016

🙂 I’m adding pics and reviews for you as fast as i can tonight…Click on a word link to see the demo video i made of it so you can see what it looks like when you use it in the tub.

The Lush Kitchen has prepared a week of flirty, luxurious delights to adorn your fine selves with…

Youki-Hi bath bomb, £4.10,

Sex ‘N’ The Shower emotibomb, £3.00,

Little Dragon bubble bar, £5.95,

Cherry Blossom bubble bar, £5.95
Sweet Lips lip scrub, £5.95,

The Ex Factor bath bomb, £3.50,

Gold Fun, £5.00.
Love Locket bath bomb, £6.95.
Strawberry Twin Tub shower jelly, £4.25,

Cupid’s Love soap, £4.25,

Lip Lime lip balm, £6.75
Fever massage bar, £6.50,

Prince shower gel, £11.25,

Mosquito gourmet soap, £9.60.