March 13-17 2016

Here’s my Lush Kitchen haul video showing this week’s products.


Everybody loves an excuse to give and get a little love! Next week’s menu has been designed with White Day in mind. Jump into the holiday with hearts blazing and an armful of vibrant delights.

Monday and Tuesday: Sweet For You gift, containing: Think Pink bath bomb, Prince Charming shower cream, Green Fun and Unicorn Horn bubble bar. A parcel full of these colourful goodies is £19.50.

Wednesday: Slammer shower gel, £11.25, and Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel, £11.25.

Thursday: Fruity Beauty shower gel, £11.25, and Uluru bath bomb, £3.95.

Friday: It’ll be all hands on deck in the Lush Kitchen; everybody will be busy wrapping Sweet For You gifts in vibrant and versatile knot-wraps!

Unicorn Horn

Prince Charming

Think Pink

Green Fun

Sweet for You knot wrapped gift