Lush Kitchen May 2-6 2016

Are you ready to ascend into fragrant clouds of utter contentment? Next week’s Lush Kitchen menu will carry you there:
Monday: Flying Saucers liquid bubble bath, £11, and Noubar soap, £4.50.
Tuesday: Lovely Jubblies breast cream, £16.95, Heavenly Bodies buttercream, £10.25, and Dreamwash Shower Smoothie, £10.25.
Wednesday: Starcraft facial cleanser, £6.50, and Nutts massage bar, £6.95.
Thursday: Rainbow Worrior bath bomb, £3.95, and Glorious Mud body mask, £6.25.
Friday: Pleasure Dough bubble bar, £3.95, and Rose Jam solid perfume, £9.00.

Here is a video where i review/describe next week’s Lush Kitchen menu products