Vanillary Scent Family

Lush Times Online: Inspired by the extraordinary deserts at Heston Blumental’s amazing restaurant, The Fat Duck at Bray (, Mo Constantine – Lush inventor extraordinaire – came up with Vanilla Fountain ballistic, which has been an instant hit since it first appeared on our shelves. Simon Constantine (son of Mo and Mark and our in-house perfumer) created the comforting vanilla scent with natural vanilla absolute – the posh stuff made from vanilla pods – with a touch of restful sandalwood and a note of burnt caramel. So it was no surprise that it didn’t take our customers long to ask for a perfume of the same sweet scent. Well, we went one better and created a liquid and solid fragrance, a massage bar, dusting powder and of course we have our lovely bath ballistic, which set the ball rolling in the first place.



Cilla the Caterpillar

Dear Santa wash sheet

Heavenilli massage bar

Life’s a Beach showder

Vanillary candle

Vanillary perfume

Vanilla Fountain bath bomb

Vanilla Puff dusting powder (not shown)