Honey I Washed the Kids jelly


Lush.co.uk made these for one day only, to sell on their website.  I was lucky enough to be able to buy a couple because they went so fast, in seconds!   This would be a real good jelly to blend up into a thick shower gel type of consistency.  I cut mine into squares and use one swuare in the shower.  I also use them at the sink to wash my hands with.  The jelly stays solid when you wash it, so i just keep a piece in the soap dish.

This is the best Honey I Washed the Kids product that lush has ever made.  I freaked out at how strong the fragrance is in this jelly.  It’s a creamy, toffee, orange scent.  Absolutely yummy.  It leaves ones skin smelling yummy.  The scent stays on the skin a bit longer than other lush jellies.

Lush has made many products with this same scent.  Honey bee bath bomb, Ma Bar bubble bar, Mum reusable bubble wand, Honey I washed the kids soap, It’s Raining Men shower gel, honeyhugs shower gel, honey i washed the kids shower gel, Honey I washed the kids perfume spray, Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.

There more in my photo below. And there are a few that i don’t have in my photo nor in the list above the photo.

4 out of 5 rating-see my short demo and review

video of this jelly up close


Here’s a review and demo video of this jelly up close