Paper Soap

Basically you tear a piece off and rub on your body in the shower, or your hands in the sink.  It lathers and cleans like soap.

The Red one is infused with the scent of the new lush shower gel “Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair’, the Yellow one has the ‘Beautiful’ shower gel scent, and the teal has the violet-y Tuca Tuca scent of “Don’t Rain on My Parade’ shower gel scent.

They make tiny ones now in 2021 called wash cards in the scents of all their perfumes.

Click on the links to see individual demos for each one.  I have them all, i just need to demo and record using them, eventually i’ll have them all in here.


Best Washes

Dear Santa (Christmas 2015 only)

Wash That Man

Wash You Were Here