Lush Kitchen Menu Nov 28-Dec 2

I’ll be adding pages for each of the products below over the next few hours.

Maple Taffy lip balm £6.75/$8.41
Lush Pud bath bomb £3.95/4.92

Scrumptious shower smoothie £10.50/$13.08
Green Green Bath Of Foam £3.95/$4.92

Snowcake shower gel
Star Light Star Bright  £3.75/$4.67

Spice Mountain soap £4.25/$5.29
Glogg shower gel £11.00/$13.70

The Jilted Elf shower jelly £7.95/$9.90
Sugar Plum Fairy sugar scrub £4.75/$5.92

Here’s a video wherein i review each of these products offered next week Nov 28-Dec 2

49 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen Menu Nov 28-Dec 2

  1. Didn’t know this page existed am definitely gonna be taking a look as it looks like it’s gonna be very useful in the future😂

  2. Omg I love your blog so much and I love lush so much!!! I love everything u post and love your Instagram and YouTube and EVERYTHING 💜💜

  3. What a wonderful review of the products! I actually just opened a big bottle of Hot Toddy from a couple years ago, and now I may need to try to get glogg. 🙂

  4. All of your giveaways are so awesome. You are so generous April 💫💐😘 I also love your blog. It is so well organized 😍

  5. Snow cake is in my top five favorite scents but I have yet to try Lush Pud…someday. Thanks for another amazing giveaway April 💖

  6. So excited for scrumptious smoothie! It Will be my first kitchen order. You were so postive about that i just wanted to try it. The smell sound amazing.

    Also thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Love your video’s! The kitchen video’s especialy are really handy 🙂

  7. Love your blog, April! And I look forward and rely on your videos for products I’ve never tried before, which is a lot, because I am a fairly new lushie!!

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