Lush Kitchen Menu Previews January 23-27

Jan 23-27

Fall head over heels with us next week, we’re bringing a whole lotta love!💝 Think jasmine, think rose and think lashings of vegan dark choccie.

I’ll get the rest on here tomorrow and sunday.

Frog Prince Bath Bomb £3.95 demo Vid
Le Grande Amour Bath Bomb £8.25
Love Soap £4.50

Sexxx Bomb Bath Bomb £10.50/$12.80
The Joy Of Jelly Shower Jelly £8.50/$10.36
The Ex Factor Bath Bomb £3.75/$4.57

Fever Massage Bar £6.95/$8.47
Mirror Mirror Neck Cream £9.95/$12.13

Elixir Bath Melt £4.25/$5.18
Two Hearts Beating As One Shower Gel 500g £19.95/$24.31

White Wedding Bath Bomb £4.25/$5.18
Heavenilli Massage Bar £7.95/$9.69

Here’s a my Lush Kitchen Menu previews video of next week’s products.

2 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen Menu Previews January 23-27

  1. APRIL OMG!!!!! OMG!!!
    Today was sad for me, watching my President leave office. Literally, my heart was breaking and went through some tissues watching his helicopter leave. Decided to go to bed early!! Then decided to check your weekly video. I find out they are making LOVE SOAP OMG!! The Gay is ok soap truly was the nicest soap I ever used. Beautiful scent. I hope it’s as glittery gold heart. Who cares shape won’t matter because it’s smells so flipping fantastic. Thanks for the great video. You cheered me up !! I want so many things next week. Anyway God Bless and Thanks for the smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

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