White Wedding

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Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate , Rice Paper Hearts , Perfume , Ylang Ylang Oil,  Jasmine Absolute, Rose Otto , Bergamot Oil


Lush 2008 description; The ideal wedding gift for the bride who loves to bathe (and for guests who`re tired of cake). Either way, singly or in quantities our brand new White Wedding Ballistic brings a bit of extra fizz to your day. (Sorry about the Cliche.) But talking of clichs, as we were, how about a pure white Ballistic with a handful of confetti? Yes, we`re really going for your classic, pull out all the stops, full on white wedding bells and whistles. It smells of the perfect bridal bouquet, so everyone`s going to love it. There`s a drop or two of potent jasmine, which we should all know by now is a world famous aphrodisiac, with its heavy scent reminding us of warm, sulty evenings in sheltered moonlit gardens. There`s ylang ylang, from the flower whose petals are spread all over the marriage bed in the far east. We add bergamot to keep you feeling calm but curious and rose, symbol of love and purity. By the way, you don`t have to be getting married to buy them, or even know someone who`s getting married. You don`t have to be married yourself; they are so lovely you can sneak off and use one whenever you like. (Just don`t let your brand new partner catch you bathing in confetti or (s)he might run screaming from your home, never to be seen again.) Yes, anyway, a box of these is a perfect wedding gift for anyone with a bath. They are useful and beautiful and help to keep the flame burning.


This has such a beautiful scent. I love this bath bomb primarily for its scent. It’s a floral but it’s not a sexy strong floral, it’s more of a fresh, light and airy innocent floral. As a bridal bouquet of flowers would smell. 

Here’s a tub demo video I recorded of mine 

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