Lush Summit 2017 event (and products!)

Lush is having two day event Feb 8 & 9. Much like the Lush 2016 Creative Showcase, Lush will be having exclusive products available, only for attendees.

The Lush Summit event at Tobacco Dock has a main stage area, and a main product demonstration area, with fantastical tubs and sinks, holding giant versions of limited edition bath bombs. There are multitudinous other stations and rooms, which exhibit protests, musical performances, and demonstrations which showcase various new product inventions. Some of the products shown will be sold on their mail order website, and a few will eventually be in ALL Lush stores within a few weeks.

The Summit has areas such as the “Scented Cinama”, “Digital Ethics Room”, Climate and Energy room, Human Rights room, War and Poverty room, and the “Animals in Servitude” room to name a few.

I created an alphabetical list of the products shown at the event below. Some of these products I will add are exclusive to the Summit event, not available anywhere else,  and i will mark those as such.  I’ll also add release dates as i get them.

There are additional products which Lush created  strictly for Lush supported charities which were also showcased at this event. I’ll list those as well.

I’ll be adding pages for as many of these products as I can, and I will update daily as I get more info on them, as I did for the Creative Showcase event. 😄💕  I will be recording demos of some of these items within the next week or two.

Additionally, Lush is selling all 2017 Mother’s day products, AND all Easter 2017 products. There are also products shown at the Summit event that will be exclusive to the Oxford Street store.

Lastly, the Lush Kitchen mail order website at are offering some (not all) of these products this week and next week so keep an eye out! 💜

Thank you to Amelia Ng for the photos.

101 Salvations

1000 Millihelens face mask

Baa Bar (Easter)

Big Blue body conditioner 

Big Blue Egg (Easter)

Birth of Venus face mask I have this will be reviewing it this week.

Bug Splat bath bomb

Bunch of Carrots bubble bars

Bunny Moon

Butterball body conditioner 

Cardamom and Coffee wash sheetI have this will be reviewing it this week.

Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb

Chick ‘n’ Mix

Chocolate Easter Egg soap


Comforter body conditionerI have this will be reviewing it this week.

Dad bath bomb (see Superdad)


Eggspirementer bath bomb (see ‘Experimenter Egg’)

Experimenter Egg

Elsie the Giraffe reusable bubble bar

Flopsy facial jelly

Fomo face maskI have this will be reviewing it this week.

Fox bath bomb

Funny Face fun bar

Golden Egg bath bomb/melt

Golden Egg gift set

Gorilla 4 perfumes

Grass solid shampoo I have this will be reviewing it this week.

Groovy Kind of Love bath bomb

Hair doctor I have this will be reviewing it this week.

Hand of Friendship soap


Iron Ons I have these will be reviewing it this week.

Just to Clarify

Karma massage bar (Lush Spa only)

Karma Mushroom (Lush Spa only)

Karma Yantra (Lush Spa only)

Karma wash sheet I have this will be reviewing it this week.

Keep it Fluffy bubble powder (not a product for sale)

Knot Wraps

Lava Lamp Egg (Easter)

Lemony Flutter body conditioner 

Lord of Misrule body conditioner I have this will be reviewing it this week.

Lush Puppy

Magnificent bath oil I have this will be reviewing it this week.

May Day

Metamorphosis bath bomb

Metropolis bath bomb (not at this event)

Mod father bubble bar

Mother Earth bath bomb

Mum bath bomb

New hot oil hair treatment

Perfumes (all new Gorilla 4 and new larger body sprays)

Pink Custard jelly  (Easter 2017)

Plum Rain shower gel

Polyamorous bath oil


Ro’s Argan soap


Rose Jam body spray I have this will be reviewing it this week.

Rump I have this will be reviewing it this week.

Scrubee body butter (Mother’s Day 2017)

Sleepy hand cream


Smuggler’s Soul wash sheet I have this will be reviewing it this week.

Sultana of Skin body conditioner

Sun 3d laser designed solid perfume

Sunrise soap

Superdad bomb


T shirts

Think Pink (new design)


Wash Behind Your Ears (Easter 2017)

Which Came First? (Easter)

Ups-a-Daisy (Mother’s day 2017)

Yellow Submarine

Your Mother Should Know (Mother’s day 2017)

“Fox” bath bomb (was also available in the Lush Uk Kitchen mail order website this morning. They were sold out before i could get one.

“Pink Custard” (not exclusive to the Summit but they are selling it first at the summit event. )

Funny Face FUN bar


Lush Puppy

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  1. Do we know if Fox bath bomb is coming back or is it a Summit exclusive?
    Also: Any idea which products are going to go on sale via over the next week or so? 🙂

  2. I received a Lush order today, and got a Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly sample. Does this mean Bouncy Bunny will be included in the Lush North America Easter line this year? I did not see it at the Lush Summit 2017.

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