Lush Kitchen Haul pics July 2017 

I ordered three products.  One of each.

“Mrs. Whippy” bath bomb. It looks perfect! And it smells perfect! It has that look and smell of a yummy confection. It’s made with the berrylishous black currant. And soya milk to make it extra creamy.

I can’t wait to use it this week! I’ll be recording a video of that.

Next is the new Lush “New” hot oil hair treatment. It has a stick in the red meltable product. It’s to be stirred into a hot cup of water. I’ll be recording a demo of using this within the next week, and I’ll *try* to make it within the next couple of days.

The next item is ‘Plantational” solid shampoo/henna bar. This smells just as I recall. I am quite simply addicted to its scent. It’s a deeply earthy, henna powder, orange oil blend. It’s to make brown or red hair brighter, shinier and conditioned. If one has short hair you may or may not be able to skip conditioner with this bar. Especially if you have fine or medium hair.

I’m toning down my spending per order quite a bit so that I can enjoy more of a variety of things and doing multiple orders instead of one big order, with multiples of each item per month.

Anyway, I ordered my favorite items out of the ten products Lush made last week.

Upon inspection of each one, they each look, smell and feel like perfect ‘specimens’.  The smell of each one is scrummy. ❤️ I’m straight on addicted to the smell of Plantational. It is intoxicating. You’ve got the black currant smell from the Mrs Whippy, the cinnamon and clove from New hot oil treatment and that earthy henna and Brazilian orange oil from the Plantational bar. The combined box oddly smells like the beloved lord of Misrule fragrance. LOVE.

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