Lush Mother’s Day 2018

see my Lush Mother’s day 2018 haul unboxing video below!

Lush North America celebrates Mothers Day in May, whereas the Uk and other places in Europe celebrate Mother’s Day in March.

As with Mother’s Day 2017 and every holiday, I’ll be adding photos, descriptions, my own video demos, etc etc over the next couple of weeks.

2 Twitter light scented bubble bars, one is a reusable bubble spinner called ‘Mum in a Spin’, and the other is a returning Mother’s Day bar called ‘Baa Bar’. this year Baa Bar is made with twilight scent, instead of the ‘Bathos’ scent of precious years.

1 Gourmet soap called ‘Raspberry Milkshake’.

And Lush introduces 4 soap with new formulations, and designs! The soaps are made with a new shape so they stand up.

Additionally, Lush has introduced 3D laser design. These soaps have a new look, with the design relative to the fragrance and ingredients. These soaps also have a new base, with bicarbonate of soda in them like bath bombs, in addition to the regular soap base.

also, lush has made these limited edition soaps with more essential oils and fragrance so the scent of each bar stays through the life of the bar.

Regarding the four soaps, Chamomile Lawn , Rosebud, Lemon Zest and Purple Loosestrife; from what i’m understanding these new soaps are made in a different way. The designs are made via 3D laser cutting. Also, these soaps are made to stand up so they’re easier to hold and easier to stand up and be seen in the shower or bath.

They have more to stay on the skin after you’ve washed, and they’re full of luxurious skin moisturizing oils and butters.

Also, they have a bit of bicarb in them for a foamy effect.

Shower gel

Baa Bar

Chamomile Lawn

Citrus Are Doing It For Themselves

Honey Bear

Lemon Zest

Madame President

Mother of Pearl

Mum in a Spin

Mum Look what I have made for you

Purple Drain

Purple Lossestrife

Raspberry Milkshake


2 thoughts on “Lush Mother’s Day 2018

  1. Hi!
    How do I receive this sort of information also? I don’t see where I can receive a catalogue from the UK site…Thank you in advance & thank you for posting!

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