Raspberry Milkshake

see my demo and review video of this yummy soap below

2019 version New Shape

It looks more like a raspberry this year.

The scent is the same yet it’s not as creamy and the soap is a different consistency. Last year Raspberry Milkshake was a ‘gourmet soap’ type of soap like Lush exclusive ‘Ro’s Argan Gourmet soap’, ‘Cacao Gourmet soap, ‘Drop of Hope gourmet soap, ‘Olive’ gourmet soap, etc.

This year it’s more like a regular soap. it’s not as Wet and squishy as last years. It does have the conditioning ingredients in the center of the soap this year instead of having the whole soap be in that consistency. To be honest i like the scent, and feel of last years Raspberry Milkshake.

The scent was much yummier and stronger last year. The raspberry scent is just sort of ‘regular’ this year.

It’s super cute this year though!

2018 Shape

This is what the whole truckle of Raspberry Gourmet soap that the stores sold last year with the dripping icing and the purple flowers that were real.

i seriously doubt that lush will even have the whole soap available in stores this year. I bet they will only sell just the single 100g pieces of soap.

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