My Forages through the indie bath & body landscape – The HPSoapcraft company

Part 1 of my small/indie bath & body businesses series is here

I just got out of the shower.

I used a shower gel from a company called ‘HPSoapcraft’. I found her on Instagram. Located here in the U.S.A . It seems that no instagram Lushies knew about this company. There were many lushies on instagram that said they had no idea aboutt her, moreso than other vendors ive mentioned.

Another thing about me. I love reading books. When i was around 9 years old i found a book way in the back of an old book store. Turned out to be one of my favorite horror books to this day. It was written a long time before i was born by a horror writer who wrote in olde english named ‘HPLovecraft’. So i recognized the play on words in her company name ‘HPSoapcraft’ right away and chuckled.

As i write this I smell like it’s 2006. This is a good thing and i’ll tell you why.

Lush used to make a massage bar long ago called ‘Fever’. It contained a whopping scent combination of Sandalwood, jasmine and rose. It was another one of my favorite desert island Lush product scents. But Lush never made a shower gel of it, only a massage bar. Myself and other Lushies used to use the massage bar as a perfume.

I noticed while perusing the HPSoapcraft site that she makes Lush Dupe Shower Gels! (And Jo Malone dupes).

Wait…and shower JELLIES?!

I looked at it again to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Yes! She had TONS of Lush dupe shower gels! Not only that…she made old school, *real* retro Lush scent shower gels along with the new Lush scents.

They can’t be that good, i said to myself. How is it possible that they could be good?And if so Oh Lord is it possible no one knows about her site?

I need to find out if these are crap or not. I must fix this wrinkle in the universe. So i placed an order. 😉

I ordered a Lush ‘Keep It Fluffy’ dupe shower gel called ‘Cumulus’, a Lush ‘Fever’ dupe shower gel called ‘Burning Up’, and an ‘Angels Delight’/’Tennis Ball’ Lush dupe shower gel called ‘Holiday Pudding’.

I also asked for a sample of the things you guys were asking about on instagram: her Snowcake dupe, Honey I Washed the Kids dupe, her Calacas dupe, Rose Jam dupe, Blue Skies, Yog Nog, Yummy Mummy, Frozen, and another one of my desert island old school oush dupe called icon.

So anyway, i’m now smeling like one of my favorite, sexy scents that lush discontinued in 2006. I am SO impressed with how well the scent lingered nicely on my skin after my shower. My husband said i smelled nice.

The shower gels are a nice consistency. A perfect medium-thick consistency. Not runny, and not so gloopy that its hard to come out of the bottle, but just right.

Also, i like her labels on the shower Gels. Her labels are not as wide as Lush, so you can see more of the shower gel.

So that when they’re lined up, they look like jewels.

And she makes her shower gels with microbubbles in them. The microbubbles in this case lend an aesthetic to the shower gel that connotates ‘refreshing’, ‘water’, ‘effervescence’, ‘cleansing’ and all those good things one associates a good shower with.

Also, the microbubbles act as tiny little reflectors of light, so when the bottles of shower gels are just sitting there the light really goes through the bottles nicely and makes the colored liquid inside them look even more like jewels.

Scent=4 1/2 out of 5 stars in my opinion. The scents arent *quite* as strong as lush versions, but they are not too weakly scented either. The bottom line is that they are quite literally the closest in scent to lush than any other lush dupe shower gel i’ve tried yet. There is no odd undernotes to the shower gel scents, just pure scent goodness.

They aren’t too drying like some shower gels can be, but they’re not necessarily conditioning either. I do believe she has options for adding argan oil to her shower gels for a more moisturizing shower creme.

From new Lush scents to popular Lush scents, holiday scents to other limited edition Lush scents, obscure scents, and even classic OLD SKOOL Lush scents.

These are bonafide *great* shower gels.

I’ve used 14 of them on my arms at the sink and three in the shower in the span of a couple days and, with the exception of one, they are so spot on in scent. They all have a medium strong scent that stays nicely on the skin even after drying off. I like that, because if i spend money on a shower gel with a fragrance i love, i want to smell the fragrance on my skin not just in the bottle.

HPSoapcraft clearly does not skimp on the essential oils and other fragrance components in her shower gels.

I noticed she has two kinds of label designs. One with a really cool font on one side that’s quirky and cool and a lot of white space, and on the other side the label is more of a classic label with fine details, borders and verbiage.

Its now been one hour since i washed one arm with honey i washed the kids, and one arm with fever. And i can still smell both lovely scents, and its a light wafting of scent, not all up in your face.

And the best part? She makes jellies, soaps, creamy pots of exfoliating scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, hair body & room spritz, etc in ALL of these scents! Her gels are Absolutely delightful and beautiful.

Time of delivery can be only a wee bit on the long side at two weeks, but not quite anything i’d complain about, after all the gal had to make 14 shower gels for me.

Oh and i have to add that she packages shower gels and shower jellies the best of any vendor i’ve seen yet. Two thumbs up for just the way she packages.

I’ll record a haul video of 14 of the HPSoapcraft shower gels and add it here when i upload it to my youtube channel. But most of you will see it as soon as i upload it because youre subscribed to my youtube channel, right 😉 ♥️

Here’s a pic below that i took of the shower gels i ordered.

I’m going to be taking and adding more artistic/editorial photos of them this weekend to try to capture the microbubbles and the colors with light going through them with my macro camera lense.

If you guys need a key for how to decipher which shower gel on her site is which lush dupe, I’m building a list of those and will post it here this weekend.

I’ll add another entry in my blog tomorrow about the next bath and body vendor i found on etsy/instagram/internet.

Here is the HPSoapcraft website

Heres my haul video

➡️ part 3 is here ⬅️

7 thoughts on “My Forages through the indie bath & body landscape – The HPSoapcraft company

  1. Wow! Thanks for this. I just took a “stroll” through her website and there’s so much to choose from, including Jo Malone dupes. I’ll definitely be trying some things from this shop.

  2. After seeing your post with all your impressions, I ordered 10 of them in the first week of August. I’m still waiting for the order or any tracking but have no idea what the TAT is on this company.
    I’m starting to get impatient for such beautiful Lush shower gel dupes!

  3. I placed an order at the beginning of October for 5 products (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair masque and body spray). I am still waiting to hear anything from her apart from the Paypal invoice. I waited patiently for 25 days before I started asking about tracking numbers and for updates. I have emailed and messaged and commented on Facebook and Instagram and then waited mostly patiently for a reply. Another week passed and nothing. So I can confidently say doesn’t answer emails or facebook messages when you want an update on what is happening with your order over a month after you placed it – Very Unimpressed 👎👎👎👎👎. I opened a case with Paypal and now we wait.

  4. I know this post is featuring HP Lovecraft, but I would like to take this opportunity to warn people about Dollymoo. The first few times I ordered with them were alright, but then I ordered some violet spring-themed perfume and I was told that it smells like DEET. It also burned my skin and it triggered an allergic reaction in my room mate. I would strongly recommend avoiding them in the future.

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